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Post 29 - Sorry, Not Sorry

Sal Biase5 Comments
Post 29 - Sorry, Not Sorry

I think it’s interesting how the Don Trump Jr. RussiaGate email saga has been covered over the last 24-36 hours. In typical fashion, The New York Times published a story that featured FOUR investigative journalists in the byline and zero on-record sources or first-hand accounts in the body copy. The story was about an email Trump Jr. sent and received about a meeting with a Russian lawyer who claimed to have dirt on the Clinton campaign. Ignoring the fact that in the very story the NY Times journalists admit to never seeing the email they were reporting on, they spent graf after graf implying that THIS was the final nail in the Trump administration's coffin.

As I have stated on here before, I am skeptical of all things RussiaGate. I am skeptical of all things mainstream media, to be quite honest. That aside, I will admit the initial NY Times reporting did appear quite damning in spite of the fact these four skilled journalists couldn't get anyone on record or an actual copy of the emails that were alleged to exist.

As we have grown accustomed to, liberal media and even Fox News jumped on this new story with excited vigor. Outlets were crawling all over each other to speculate just how big of a bombshell this obvious (italicized for sarcasm) bombshell was. On Reddit, the ShareBlue propaganda subreddits and FrontPage subs were accusing Don Jr. of treason, as this was FINALLY undeniable proof of Trump collusion with everyone's favorite boogieman, Russia.

Then Junior decided to take it upon himself to release the full thread of email exchanges along with an explanation as to why this meeting was nothing more than a waste of time. Reading the thread illuminated that this email and subsequent meeting DID NOT constitute illegal activity and by morning MSNBC (and others) had moved on from ‘This is totally treason’ to ‘Well, it isn't illegal, but it looks bad, right? Also, jail Kushner.’

This isn't the first time reporting on a Russian bombshell has created mass jubilation at the thought of nailing the Trumps for treason only to have the MSM slowly walk it back to be forgotten over the course of a day's news cycle. I mean, remember when WaPo told us Russia hacked the power grid for example? There is a real need for caution when consuming anything related to Russia collusion, as media outlets have admittedly decided to forgo their ethics in order to drive up clicks with shoddily sourced and researched Trump/Russia ‘news’ stories.

But all the nice cutesy little ethics that used to get talked about in journalism school, you’re just like, that’s adorable. That’s adorable. This is a business.
— John Bonifield, CNN Producer

This is where I really take issue with what the left is doing with their Russia dramatization. It isn't JUST the fact that the reporting has been shitty and sensationalistic. It isn't JUST that the accusations are extreme and result in misleading headlines and sometimes entire stories. It's that expressing any skepticism makes you the immediate target of vitriol, of ridicule and of mockery. There is no discussion allowed when it comes to whether Trump colluded or not, you either know he did it or you are a willing puppet of the Kremlin. This cannot continue.

As I have said on this blog before, I think that the Russia story (as it relates to their ‘hacking of our election’ and Trump collusion) is most likely a nonsense conspiracy theory propagated by the wilting DC establishment as a last ditch effort to thwart a new incoming Trump power structure. I am unapologetic about that belief. If you are someone who buys what WaPo, NY Times and CNN are selling, then good for you but know that I have read all the same articles you have. I know about the banking ties, real estate deals, contacts the Trumps have with people from Russia and honestly, I remain completely unconcerned. Sorry if it bothers you to hear, but all this time has passed and as far as I can tell, Hillary and her campaign had much closer ties to Russia. Between the Uranium One deal, Podesta’s lobbying ties and Bill’s speaking fees, I think Trump has a point when he wonders why we aren’t more interested in Clinton collusion as well.

Maybe you disagree, but no amount of name calling, insult slinging or threats will make me jump to the other side of this issue. I, hopefully, you as well, rely on facts before coming to grandiose conclusions. As I have said before, there is an investigation open now for a reason. Perhaps that investigation will prove me to be a fool, but until then I will remain confident in my assessment of the facts as I have explained them time and time again.

Sorry, but it doesn't bother me if you think I am a conspiracy theorist. It makes no difference to me if you think I am an idiot. I couldn't care less if you think I am a Trump loyalist or whatever. I simply read all I can and form my own independent opinions. I try my best to scrutinize all info available as best I can and respectfully listen to counter arguments. That same approach is all I ever ask of others I engage in political discussion with.

I am not ashamed of disbelieving in the Russia scandal. I am not ashamed for thinking the Clinton Foundation to be a fraudulent enterprise built on the suffering of others. I'm not ashamed in believing the core truths of PizzaGate (that the U.S. political and elite classes facilitate and engage in child sex trafficking). Those are discussions that I honestly and sincerely believe are worth having in a civil and reasonable manner; I will never apologize for that. I will wear the title of conspiracy theorist if need be, but I won't label those who fear these conversations. I simply pity them. Always remember you DO NOT have all the information and there is always the possibility that your most deeply held beliefs may be completely and totally wrong. I will do my best to admit it when I am proven wrong as well.

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