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Post 25 - Line in the Sand

Sal Biase2 Comments
Post 25 - Line in the Sand

Editor's note: If you are familiar with my blog space, then you know that I usually link to sources to support the claims I make in the body of my posts. This post has no links. That is because I have already made these points before. If you are interested in finding out why I think this way, just read my previous Russian-based blog postings. This post is an appeal to your emotions, to your reason. It is an open letter, feel free to reach out to me if you have qualms with any of my assertions and we can continue this IMPORTANT discussion.

Hello Dear Reader,

I am writing to inform you that I have finally reached my breaking point. I am officially done. I am no longer willing to reason with nor entertain those who cling to the notion Russia had ANY IMPACT on our election. I am no longer willing to listen to the insatiable cries of establishment puppets who have their heart so deadset on the impeachment of the sitting President.

It is imperative, at this critical stage in our nation's history that we, the rational, patient, critical thinkers who operate on evidence and reason, finally demand this Russian hysteria come to an end. It has become so readily apparent that NO ONE on the opposing side of the issue is genuinely interested in anything other than the impeachment of the 45th President Donald J. Trump... That cannot be allowed to continue.

This GOOSE CHASE has never been and is not currently about the integrity of our elections, this is not about political corruption, this isn’t even about upholding the law. This is a political charade designed to distract, this is a game played to obstruct, this is a weapon used in hopes of killing the Trump presidency.

CNN and MSNBC (both the mouthpieces for the Deep State and establishment Democrats) have spent the last 3 days hyping up the testimony of James Comey using countdown clocks and constant speculation to fuel the fire. Bars in places like DC and Brooklyn filled up early with partisans patrons expecting to finally witness the downfall of Trump.

To 'the Left' (in quotes because I consider myself the Left) and the anti-Trump battalion, the Comey hearing was supposed to be the SuperBowl of political sport. Yet, as the dust settles we can all see that Comey didn’t drop any bombshells. He offered absolutely nothing in the way of a resolution to this long national nightmare. It has been 6 months… or maybe 8 months, I've lost count, but here is what we know today after hearing the former FBI Director testify:

Trump was never (and is not currently) personally being investigated for collusion with Russia. We know that he made no effort to impede or obstruct the Russia investigation. We know that Loretta Lynch colluded with the Clinton campaign and pressured Comey during the Clinton email investigation. We know that Trump told Comey he HOPED he would drop the “Flynn” stuff. None of this brings us any closer to a conclusion in the search for the ultimate answer of if there was “wrongdoing” or whatever the heck we are still looking for at this point.

If this were about getting to the bottom of Russia's involvement in our election then Democrats would join me and many others in our demand that the EVIDENCE of their involvement is provided to the American public. If we are going to accuse a world superpower of an act of war then we DAMN WELL better be provided with INDISPUTABLE proof that they committed said act. No American doing their civic duty of being an informed citizen would give the government their consent to any retaliatory action against Russia on the WORD of the INTEL community alone. Alphabet agencies have a LONG track record of misleading the public deliberately to reach their own gains and this scenario appears to be no different. There is nothing more important than finding the truth here, but the truth may not involve Russia at all. The onus is on those accusing Russia of wrongdoing to prove it, without evidence we are repeating the mistakes of the Iraq war on a much larger scale.

If this were about the integrity of the election Trump's suggestion of an investigation into voter fraud would not have been met with such vitriol. Instead, he was asked to PROVIDE EVIDENCE of voter fraud. Ironic, no? Besides, if we want to ensure a more secure voting process why don't we simply push for a return to paper ballots? We would never have to worry about election hacking from Russia or any other country ever again.

If this investigation were about rooting out government corruption the focus would have moved away from Donald Trump long ago.  We are trying to find out who did what illegally and if it involves Russia (again, I think this is the point, who really knows as Russia conspiracy theorists have become so unhinged) and Comey himself reinforced the point today that Trump has never been the target or focus of any investigation into Russian collusion. If this were really about the truth, Democrats would be looking into the question of WHO and leave the president out of it. If Trump had any involvement he would be implicated in some way by now and again Comey confirmed TODAY that he has not been.

If this investigation were about upholding the law then the Left would be livid with Comey’s double standards. He announced Hillary was cleared in a press conference on July 5th, but never offered President Trump the same courtesy. Instead, he allowed the American people to be deliberately misled by news organizations that use their ‘credibility’ and name recognition to push inflammatory, sensationalized and often times completely false headlines into the public consciousness in an attempt (to this point successfully) to curb and dissuade support for the sitting president. This new age of yellow journalistic McCarthyism borders on treason and is an affront to rational Americans who want PROGRESS and CHANGE from their elected leaders in Washington D.C.

There is no other reason for the continued public discussion about Trump and obstruction, Trump and Russia, Trump and impeachment other than the hope of manufacturing the consent of the people in an attempt to overthrow the elected government. That must end now. Any continued effort to accuse the president of treason should be met with the same mockery and ridicule the media reserves for those who investigate the DOCUMENTED MISDEEDS of the Clintons. If PizzaGate researchers and Seth Rich investigators are conspiracy theorists then those who belong to the CHURCH of Trump-Russia are the Jonestown CULT of US politics. Just because your delusions further the interests of the corporate puppet masters who dictate our TV news coverage, doesn’t mean you are right. You are simply ignorant to a truth MANY AROUND YOU can see.

The Russia story is a lie. It was concocted to prevent our governing system from actually governing. It was invented to obstruct and distract. It is being used in order to curtail any possible success the Trump administration may have in hopes of winning back voters, but you aren’t winning voters… You are furthering divisions. Democrats have become what they have long hated. They are akin to the GOP when they were convened hearing after hearing about Benghazi (except at least in that situation there was an actual scandal involving actual Americans who actually died). In my opinion, you should be embarrassed, you should be ashamed. Your hypocrisy and your hatred are distasteful and a sobering reflection of the political climate cultivated by an establishment on its very last legs.  

I will end with this, if the ‘Left’ continues to push for the impeachment of President Trump, his supporters will defend him. I don’t support Trump because I like him personally, I don’t support him because I agree with his politics… I support him because he is the President and if he fails, this system will collapse.

The issues Bernie Sanders raised during the primary haven’t vanished. The middle class is still disappearing, the student debt bubble is still far too large, the poor and vulnerable are only growing in number. The 1% are acquiring more and more wealth from the masses. This is unsustainable. Hillary Clinton was uninterested in fixing these problems and while it remains to be seen if Trump can offer solutions, the fact is: HE WAS ELECTED TO DO THAT. So, I will stand up for him as he tries. If you move to impeach, expect a VERY REAL, VERY SERIOUS fight from the other half of the country.

God Bless America.

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