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Post 21 - A Very Special Investigation

Sal BiaseComment
Post 21 - A Very Special Investigation

Something amazing has happened in the last 24 hours. The Department of Justice has decided to allow for a Special Prosecutor to investigate accusations against Donald Trump and/or his staff of ‘collusion with Russia’ to ‘subvert our democracy’ to ensure victory the 2016 US Presidential Election. If you're a regular reader here, you will already know how I feel about the ‘Russia’ story, I won’t rehash that again. Instead, I want to address our friends, brothers, sisters and countrymen on the other side of the political spectrum, who are so very pleased by the latest developments in the Russian Saga.

I always try to be courteous when discussing politics. So, while at times I am sure I come off as arrogant, condescending, snobbish or whatever, I still consider myself a liberal (a liberal Trump supporter? HOW COULD HE!) and that kind of comes with the territory. I promise I am not trying to insult you, condescend, or in anyway minimize your concerns in this posting. If you are certain that Trump and Putin stay up late each night going over all the many ways they could bring about an end to our beautiful Constitutional Republic, that is your right as a US citizen, as my disagreeing with your interpretation of events is my right as well.

I have argued in the past that there is very little evidence of ANY ACTUAL wrongdoing between Trump and Russia. In fact, I have often gone so far as to say there is NO evidence of ANY wrongdoing what so ever, but for the sake of this post I will put that all on hold. There are valid concerns that many have that, regardless of my belief to the contrary, raise questions about the loyalty of the Trump administration. These concerns, I would contend, are a product of sensationalist media hype, but are valid nonetheless. None of us are at all privy to all the facts surrounding this matter, so I am happy for you that your concerns can now be assuaged by the assignment of former FBI Director Mueller to lead this case.

With that out of the way, I implore you to hear me out. Please trust that I am not a brainwashed Trump supporting fool. I decided to vote for Trump on election day because of my utter detest for the way the Democrats rejected progressivism. I am not aligned with Trump and his supporters because I think everything they touch is WONDERFUL, I am aligned with Trump because, in my assessment of all the same information you have access to, I have come to believe Trump is better for America than the alternative.

I voted for Obama twice, I was a registered Democrat for 8 years, I donated to Bernie Sander’s campaign multiple times. While I don’t believe I need to lay out my left-wing credentials for you to take my opinion seriously as a fellow human being, I know how easily the opinions of Trump supporters are dismissed by those in the political mainstream. I live that reality every day. So, to any Democrats out there giddy about a special prosecutor just know this: This is the bed you ALL have made, be prepared to sleep in it.

Americans have, for months now, been inundated with unnamed sources leaking every single sordid detail they can to make the Trump administration appear to be one massive FUBAR after another. Journalists in the Washington D.C. power bubble have been (to steal a phrase from the Left) useful tools in a deep state war against Donald Trump. Holdovers from the Obama era, determined not to allow a departure from the Globalist march to one world government are using every weapon at their disposal to remove the President of the United States from office. Even before the Trump team won the election we began to hear saber rattling against anyone that ever so much as watched the Sochi Olympics. Despite assertions from Obama and Hillary that nothing could ever happen to undermine the integrity of a US election, we still heard, almost immediately after Clinton lost, the incessant panic that Putin installed Donald Trump, personally.

So, sure, investigate, but don't get annoyed when we say you (you being the collective Russia-Trump narrative pushers) have no solid proof. You simply don't. No on record first-hand witnesses, no emails from Trump directing minions to rig ballot boxes, there isn’t even any documentation that could provide certainty that Russia had ANYTHING to do with the hacks that Trump supposedly helped coordinate. It is all speculation fueled by rumor. What you do have used to be called hearsay, but now is lauded as brave journalism. But that's okay, go investigate.

None of this is to say that Trump will be found innocent (sure, I believe he will be, but I recognize the possibility that I can be wrong. I am only human after all), I only mention all of this to remind you that we (we being the collective political refugees running from the Establishment-Deep-State-Media onslaught) have made our assertions, too. Assertions that have made the Left shout labels such as conspiracy theorists, loons, and nutjobs simply for asking ANY mainstream journalist to investigate our claims fairly… Up until now, no one has, but there is a Special Investigator assigned to this MASSIVE CASE so, one would assume everything will be on the table, as an investigation this important and large would no doubt require.

So, if Mueller is investigating Russian connections he may be interested in Hillary’s uranium one deal or Bill’s speeches to Russian banks or if Podesta invented the Russia narrative himself and fed it to D.C. journalists. Perhaps even donations from Russian’s to the Clinton Foundation will be scrutinized. This investigation may also look into whether Russia had anything to do with the hacking at all. As we all know, that claim has always been in doubt and with the name Seth Rich being thrust, once again, into the national spotlight, so too did claims that Rich was the source of Wikileaks DNC files. If that could be proven it would mean Russia was nothing more than a convenient distraction from the content of the data, just as Russia has become a distraction for the Democrats resounding defeat.

Seth Rich being a leaker is just a conspiracy theory, you say forgetting we are trying not to use labels for the purpose of this post. Let me remind you, of all the known evidence that supports the notion that Russia gave info to Wikileaks: 1) Intelligence agencies said so! They just haven’t told us why yet and we all know Intelligence Agencies never would never knowingly mislead the American people. 2) Also, WikiLeaks feels kinda Russian-y because they hate Hillary. Literally, Wikileaks are always biased... Although, to make this claim you have to ignore the fact that many saying this loved Wikileaks when they showed us the goods on Bush. 

As far as I can tell, that is the extent of the evidence Russia PROVIDED Wikileaks with the DNC emails. And that is the literal crux of the investigation against Donald Trump. If it can be proven that Wikileaks got their data from, say, an insider at the DNC, the whole collusion angle falls apart. Seth Rich had the opportunity, as he worked IT for the DNC. Seth Rich was mysteriously killed for unknown reasons. Police say Rich was killed in a botched robbery, but nothing was taken from his person. Not his wallet, not his phone or watch, nothing. Meanwhile, investigator George Webb has interviewed a doctor who claims he tended to Rich on the night he was shot and believed there was no way Seth should have died from his injuries. Now, do I know for sure that the claims made by the family's private eye (former D.C. homicide detective) are true? No. Am I sure Seth Rich is the leaker? No, how could I be? But, I will say I am far more convinced of this version of the story.

Whether or not you think Trump is a Russian plant, you need to recognize this: Way before Trump was accused of any sort of impeachable offense, way before Russia even entered the narrative, John Podesta and the Clinton’s were being accused of many dastardly things. For the better part of 30 years, the Clinton’s have been accused of nearly every politically motivated crime imaginable. Their supporters have long been boastful about how innocent the Clinton's are, about how ridiculous the claims against them were… Well, we’re about to test that.

What if, this time you are wrong? John Podesta has real, deep ties to Russia. Hillary and Bill have real, deep ties to Russia. Obama and his administration had real ties to Russia. All of those ties and connections may end up under scrutiny with the appointment of a special prosecutor.

Imagine if Mueller discovers no wrongdoing occurred between Trump and Russia, but our media was simply acting as an extension of a rogue domestic agency, such as the CIA. Imagine if Mueller discovers communications of Trump and his associates were collected and unmasked illegally by our intelligence while Trump was a candidate with the full knowledge of the Obama administration. Imagine if Russia had no role in the dissemination of DNC documents, but instead, one lone DNC staffer took it upon himself to reveal monumental corruption that ABSOLUTELY is proven by the information he revealed. Imagine if an American presidential campaign assassinated a 27-year-old leaker one late July night and covered his story up with bogus claims about Russia. Claims that have persisted for more than a year in the hopes of impeaching the oppositions duly elected president.

Impossible, you think quietly to yourself. How sure are you? 100% confident? Maybe, maybe the truth sits somewhere in the middle. Neither of us can possibly know for sure, but as a Trump supporter, I am feeling pretty damn good about it this investigation. We are all ready to MAGA, so until Mueller comes back with his findings why don’t we simply agree to shut up about Russia and get back to fixing the many issues our country and our world needs to address. In closing, I only have one question, how certain are you that the Clinton's are just good people who have gotten a bad wrap? Time will tell.

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