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Post 22 - Resist The Media

Sal BiaseComment
Post 22 - Resist The Media

It has been apparent for some time, though many have tried to argue differently, that we are deeply entrenched in a war here at home. This isn’t the war on terror (my sympathies go out to all the victims of last night's Manchester Arena bombing); this war is much more subtle and perhaps even more difficult to combat. This is the war for your mind.

Before we continue, I need to make one thing abundantly clear: ‘Journalism’ in America is dead. More than that, it has been co-opted into a weapon to be used against the American people. U.S. mainstream journalism is patient zero of a zombie outbreak and its trusting readers are the victims on who's brains it feeds. Dramatic? Maybe, but it is important to point out that outlets like The New York Times, the Washington Post, and TV stations CNN, MSNBC and FOX News all have agendas that they push in hopes of guiding the actions of the population. They manufacture consent, outrage, anxieties, and hopes. More and more they dictate truth rather than seek it out.

Mainstream media is such played out terminology that I hesitate to use it in this piece, as I don’t want you, dear reader, to shut down at its utterance. It is a fitting term, but perhaps it would be better if I used a different phrase, perhaps 'corporate media' would be a better description? It is all semantics, but the important thing to note is that in America, you don’t have a choice in your news coverage, only the illusion of choice. This has been repeated so often I don’t wish to spend much more time on it, but I will say this: If you don’t want to believe that major corporations and private billionaires would use their media platforms to control narratives (and in turn the population), that does not mean others are conspiracy theorists, it suggests you are a coward and a fool... but ignorance is bliss, so I wish you well.

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For a while, up until today really, I believed this war would inevitably be won by the people. It has always seemed so inevitable that the truth would eventually break through the lies of the establishment and the American people would wake up and PUSH BACK against such obvious manipulation that has such a firm grip on the population. In some ways, that has been the case, PizzaGate started it, Trump’s victory in the face of all punditry and polls confirmed its existence, but the groundswell surrounding the Seth Rich murder investigation has pushed the war for control over NEWS to new heights.

I DON’T KNOW what happened to Seth Rich on the night of July 10 and, while I have my suspicions, I am willing to withhold my judgment until a complete and thorough investigation has been completed. The problem with that is, it doesn’t appear like a thorough investigation is (or ever had) taken place. Here are the reasons why I say that: None of the surveillance footage from Seth Rich’s walk home has ever been recovered by police, BodyCam footage from the responding officers has been suspiciously lost, none of the people who last saw Seth Rich alive have been interrogated by police, Seth Rich was alive and stable at the hospital but no one knows what happened once he arrived there or what led to his death,  no one even knows what hospital he even ended up at, nothing was taken off of his body, his laptop is missing (reportedly in possession of the police).

If an investigation has taken place then the answers to the following questions should be pretty easy to produce.

Question 1) Where is Seth’s laptop? If this laptop is in possession of law enforcement, it is important that we know why and IF they analyzed the laptop's contents. If so it is important that we know what they found. This is important because if this was simply a botched robbery law enforcement would not have possession of the victim's private property.

Question 2) What did Seth Rich say to officers responding to the scene? How could such important footage be lost? If this was a simple robbery, the footage (of body cams and any relevant surveillance footage) should be released to help us find the killers. If this is not a simple robbery, missing footage certainly indicates a coverup. To suggest the footage missing is a simple ‘whoopsy’ is not going to cut it when the stakes are this high.

Question 3) Did Seth Rich at any point have contact with Wikileaks, Julian Assange, or Kim Dotcom? If he did, in fact, have contact with Wikileaks or related agents,  then this is the most significant murder in America right now and it needs to be solved swiftly and in the public eye.

Finding out whether or not Seth Rich is the DNC Leaker isn’t a conspiracy, it isn’t fake news, it should be a DRIVING FORCE motivating American journalists everywhere to make a name for themselves. Even if the road ends by proving Seth was a victim of a random crime and, subsequently, mass hysteria, that can only be proven by doing the leg work and asking HARD questions. Questions like I just asked and more. Questions like George Webb has been asking for nearly a year:

What have U.S. media outlets done instead? They have gone into coverup mode. Acting less like journalistic bastions of integrity and more like damage control agents of the political elite. How else could you explain headline after headline decrying GENUINE PUBLIC INTEREST as fake news conspiracy with evil and malicious intent? They have gone so far as to say there is no evidence to suggest the police determination of botched robbery is wrong, while the very simple fact that WikiLeaks has been suggesting Seth Rich is the leak spits in the face of that BOLD assertion. 

WikiLeaks hasn’t made a habit of implying who their sources are. How can we move forward with the Russia hysteria while these questions remain unanswered? Is WikiLeaks lying? Wouldn’t it be nice if any publication or network took it upon themselves to PROVE they were lying before assuring the nation that Russia is WikiLeaks' source, provoking a world war, and attempting to overthrow the president?

Does the Washington Post just not know they should thoroughly answer as many questions as possible and present the facts without making a determination on what those facts mean? Do they not realize that by branding something a conspiracy without properly investigating the questions raised or the full spectrum of issues by opposing thinkers they are actively tarnishing their own reputation? I would venture to guess they don’t care much about any of that, nor does The New York Times, CNN or any other news outlet owned by corporate interests. They act more like an Orwellian occupying force than they do truth seeking reporters. They don’t want you to ask the hard questions, so instead, they push those asking the hard questions to the fringes. They offer firm and dismissive conclusions and they smother all debate. They do this because they already know the answers and they know who they answer to.

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We saw, in the very emails WikiLeaks released, how the DNC coordinates with outlets like Politico, CNN, WaPo and more to craft narratives and control what information the public consumes (even Stephen Colbert is dictated by the powers that be). No dismissal of these concerns or excuses from those implicated can erase the fact that this type of collusion is unethical, shameful and embarrassing for anyone interested in being a credible journalist.  Like I said before, being a credible journalist isn’t the intention any longer. Maybe some who work the DC beat still hold that ideal, but the culture of the profession has been so eroded by the corruption emanating out of the Washington political class that even the best, most well-intentioned of the bunch can’t unsink the ship.

This is a war, whether we like it or not. Whether they like it or not. Gatekeepers of truth can no longer be tolerated and they can never again exist if we are to have a truly free America. So, what are we to do? 

Fighting back is going to be much easier said than done, but it is time WE fight. Rational, critical thinking Americans who scrutinize, rather than accept, the words BIG MEDIA print need to assert ourselves in the face of labels, dismissals, and mockery. This CAN be done. We need to begin to circumvent their platforms. We need to usurp credibility from them, we need to find out who killed Seth Rich and we have to be very loud and very angry until we are taken seriously. Do we have the numbers? I am not sure. Do we have the stamina? Time will tell. Do we have the right? Yes, and the truth will set us all free.

It is slowly becoming apparent that we are the TRUE resistance in this war, so we must proceed as such. Use only credible, research-based, well-sourced alt-media. Turn the words of corporate media against them. Let them know that anyone who believes in the ridiculous Russia conspiracy theory without proof is a fool. Let them know anyone who accepts the words of corporate PR firms like The New York Times and Washington Post are 'useful idiots' to the corrupt dying establishment. Let them know that those uninterested in solving the murder of Seth Rich have their heads buried so deep in the sand, they might as well keep digging until the hole is big enough to lie down in. Let them dig their own graves and in the meantime, we will push forward.

In the age of the internet, there is no use for CIA-affiliated news outlets like CNN and the Washington Post. News needs no filter when information travels freely between citizens. The real threat to the well informed American populace is not Fake News on Facebook, but 'Real News' invented and presented to feed the masses lies from politicians and the very rich. We are at a tipping point of American society. Will we continue to accept nonsensical sensationalism because we are told it is the truth by our corporate masters? Or will we finally see the media for what it truly is: Shackles and chains on a citizen's ability to think for himself or herself?

We, the American people, are tired of being told what questions are and aren’t okay to ask. We, the American people, are on a mission for the truth. We will not rest until we get it. Rest in peace Seth Rich. We will find your killer. They will see justice.

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