Post 30 - Hello, I'm a Conspiracy Theorist

Post 30 - Hello, I'm a Conspiracy Theorist

The hardest part about being a conspiracy theorist isn't the ostracism you face from some friends and family, the dismissal you immediately receive from those you debate truth with or even the mockery that permeates every aspect of our society. The hardest part about being labeled a conspiracy theorist is the tight rope you have to walk in order to keep your ‘beliefs’ to yourself.

I have been a conspiracy theorist for about two years now. For me, it began with Bernie Sanders and the lopsided primary fight he waged against Hillary Clinton, her political machine, the DNC and the Media. It quickly became apparent to me and many others across the internet that Sanders wasn't getting a fair opportunity. There were questionable voter purges, superdelegates and the consistently busted primary exit polling. Suggesting to Democrats that the deck was stacked against Sanders didn't help. Democrats scoffed, laughed and dismissed away all of these concerns.

The conversations I had on the internet about a rigged primary early last election season were some of the first times in my life I had ever been accused of pushing conspiracy theory. It's funny, at the time I was pretty offended by the suggestion. In my opinion, the suggestion of an unfair primary wasn't so outlandish to have the notion dismissed outright, but before long media outlets were running stories accusing essentially all Bernie Supporters of being sexist conspiracy nuts obsessed with trashing Clinton's good name.

It was at about this time when I began to wear the title of 'conspiracy theorist' with a bit of pride. The idea that every single scandal the Clintons have ever been accused of - every murder, every quid pro quo, every rape - is a Republican-fueled attack on wholesome American heroes like the Clintons is so asinine to me I simply stopped caring if those people wished to assume me a fool. So, sure, call me a conspiracy theorist, but at least I was willing to admit the Clintons have probably done some bad things.

If you are unable to recognize that the aspects of the Vince Foster murder (see below), Broaddrick rape, Haiti exploitation, Uranium One deal - and much, much more - simply do not pass the smell test, that is your right; but I reserve the right to question your ability to think reasonably. That only seems fair. For suggesting the Clintons may have criminal actions in their past, I'm branded a conspiracy theorist and for dismissing all Clinton accusations as right-wing smear campaigns, I find some of her supporters to be a bit brainwashed. Unfortunately, this isn't very productive for political dialogue.

Up until that point, I had never really looked into things like the questions surrounding 9/11 or the Deep State Cabal. I didn't really think too much about who arms and funds ISIS, about who killed Kennedy and for what purpose; I was a rational, right-thinking American citizen, why would I?

During the miscarriage of justice that was the Clinton email investigation, I began to really fall down the rabbit hole. Following former FBI director Comey’s insane press conference on July 5 and after reading early FBI Anon threads, I began to wonder if maybe there really was a conspiracy after all. Maybe some people are too big, too bad, too untouchable for the law.

Being attacked so often on the internet didn't really help matters. Facing so many people so unwilling to consider something I found so concerning only served to lead me to information and communities I had never explored before. For the first time, I was exposed to harsh questions to which I had no answers; I was forced to admit I do not know the truth.

I am not going to get into what I currently believe or don't believe here and now. That is neither important nor the point of this post, but I will say that, to me, PizzaGate was the biggest wake-up call to some of the biggest issues in our society. I'm not talking about child trafficking when I say that either (well, not exclusively).

PizzaGate began to take hold in the fringe communities I frequented  in the early fall of last year. My immediate opinion on the subject was a resounding ‘No Fucking Way.' I was not ready to believe that our government and the Clinton Foundation played a role in the systematic trafficking and exploitation of children. After all, it was only a few odd emails and some really disturbing Instagram pictures, right?

The internet really impressed me during those wonderful fall days. With each new Wikileaks dump, we had thousands of people on Reddit and 4chan scouring and collecting all sorts of nuggets about the shady operations of Podesta and his cronies. None of the accusations that would stem from those ‘investigations’ would receive the same type of resistance PizzaGate did. That began to garner my attention.

Some of the most damning evidence that supporting the claims of PizzaGate are the legitimate connections Clinton has to convicted traffickers and pedophiles like Laura Silsby, Jeffery Epstein and Dennis Hastert. I won't get into it now (again, not what this post is about), but none of those connections we're ever debunked by any reputable journalist; in fact, most claims made by us lunatics were absolutely ignored by the media. It wasn't until a shooter took it upon himself to terrorize Comet Ping Pong (the completely innocent Pizzeria) that Pizzagate was discussed in the 'news,' but only as a dangerous and debunked internet meme whose believers were to blame for the horrendous attack (in which no bullet was fired and no one was hurt). Forgetting all the ways in which that attack seems suspicious itself, the only person to blame for that attack is the shooter.

A conspiracy theorist is simply someone who is asking questions counter to the official accounting of something. Given the poor state of our news media, the lack of transparency from our government and the widespread corruption we see time and time again around the world, you would think by now we would all proudly declare ourselves conspiracy theorists on a noble quest to out the truth, but alas that has yet to happen. Instead, people like me, who enjoy entertaining ALL possibilities (not just the ones the media tells us are true or most likely) are ridiculed and shut down time and time again.

This gets me back to some of what is wrong with society: We treat those who venture outside of the political Overton Window as a danger to our republic and refuse to so much as hear their voice. Non-conspiracy theorists react to the mere utterance of certain subjects as if the fabric of civilization cannot withstand the scrutiny a conspiracy theorist applies to it… may be it can't, but who's fault would that be?

As an out and proud conspiracy theorist, I am never going to try and tell you what you should or should not believe. Each and every free-thinking individual needs to do their own reading and reach conclusions they feel are correct, but we also need to listen to others who may challenge the conclusions we have formed.  It is my sincere hope that you never think me to be a know it all. I hope I always have the humility to admit I do not know most things. In fact, I am a conspiracy theorist because of how much I don't know.

Because the truth about any given topic is often so hidden and known by so few, it is rare you can speak with absolute certainty on most things. That is why anyone who tells you that the conspiracy you may think is of legitimate concern is a fool's errand or a waste of time or a danger or whatever is not worthy of your time. Move on. Only engage with those who are as eager and willing to listen as they are to be heard. Only be as willing to be heard as you are willing to listen.

We can never hope to achieve all that we have the potential to accomplish if we brand, label and marginalize any voice that is different from the conventional wisdom. Remember, we BELIEVED the world to be flat until we KNEW that it was not. Who knows in 100 years the things we will know to be true that run counter to today’s prevailing conventional wisdom.

I wish to leave you all with this: I am not stupid, I am not blind and I am not naive. I don't believe you to be those things either. Perhaps we would be better served to discuss the roots of child trafficking and the pervasiveness of pedophilia in seats of power in order to move toward a solution, rather than pretend the issue doesn't exist. The same could be said for 9/11 truth, whether aliens exist, who killed the Kennedys and a whole host of interesting theories that lack good answers. Mocking those of us who wish to discuss these things seems like a real impediment to the progress of the world in which we live.

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