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Taking America Back For Good

Sal Biase1 Comment
Taking America Back For Good

Today, it was announced that the Justice Department will be diving back into the Hillary Clinton email investigation, and it (like all things in U.S. politics today) divided the nation down party lines. Despite Democrats swearing that they are moving on from the Clintons and that Hillary doesn’t matter anymore, few on the left are honest enough to look at the FACTS surrounding the Clinton investigation and conclude that there was a criminal element in her handling of classified information.

If you are an informed, rational, and reasonable citizen in this great country, you understand why the Clinton investigation looms so large. Her criminality was blatant. The classified emails belonging to her and her staff ended up in the hands of our enemies and were on a private, unsecured, non-government, unapproved server located unguarded in her private residence. Some classified emails ended up on Anthony Weiner’s personal laptop. We knew most of this when she ran for president. Democrats conflated this issue with Colin Powell’s use of a private email address to downplay the severity of the criminality, but that is not close to what Hillary did in this instance.

Hillary had to have known that the data that she was handling was classified. Her claim of ignorance was a disqualifier for president. This scandal most certainly kept her out of the White House, but it should have located her behind bars well before Election Day. Instead, investigators we now know were biased for her and in some cases paid by her friends were willing to give her an ‘HQ Special’ - in other words, throw the investigation to protect her presidential aspirations.

The evidence is clear. We have the emails that ended up outside of government secured systems, we have evidence of procedural violations by FBI top investigators and we have text messages from investigators spelling this out. This should not be partisan. Remember, this precedes the Russia investigation, this precedes the rigged primary Democrats stole from their strongest candidate, Bernie Sanders, and this is a blight on our nation's ability to dole out justice. Remember, the FBI's top officials were writing her exoneration notice before they received most of the evidence that was subpoenaed or interviewed a large majority of witnesses. Let’s not forget that many of those witnesses were granted immunity deals. Why were we giving out immunity deals like crazy to individuals if no crimes were committed? These are things investigators have for the past many months been asserting were highly unusual. We don’t have to be so diplomatic in our language, let's call it what it is: corrupt.

That shouldn’t be any surprise to any American at all. Our nation has for many decades been hijacked by the most corrupt and vile individuals you could imagine. This is simply the games which politicians in America play. They gain power, get rich, join the private sector, get richer; some come back into public office, many seek higher office, many remain in the same seat for decades, some are blackmailed and bullied, while some others willfully jump into the swamp without hesitation. All of them are aware of this corruption that occurs all around them, few say a word. American politics breeds liars, cheats, scoundrels, and ethically bankrupt cowards who fear their constituents and worship the dollar. It is a tale as old as time. We have recently been made aware that many are sexual deviants as well. Is that surprising to you? Why should it be?

The Clinton machine has been one of two families who've controlled our political system for the last thirty years. The other: The Bush family. Together a beautiful dynasty has been forged where political insiders are protected while they milk lobbying firms and super PACs, self-congratulate, publically position themselves as celebrities and eventually receive lucrative positions as board members at firms on Wall Street or whatever. It is sickening. Justice is a charade in this empire that is only applied to the rabble and common folk. To the elite, it is a veil of protection.

What hasn’t happened under the Bush-Clinton power structure is good governance. The prison population has exploded, civil liberties have been eroded, jobs have fled the country, wages have stagnated, the middle class has shrunk, and drug epidemics have destroyed communities all while our infrastructure crumbles around our ears. Why have we allowed this?

Unfortunately for the easily entertained and infinitely distracted citizens of the United States of America, we have allowed this because we are naive. We have spent much of our lives conditioned by our abusers through their exploitation of some of our favorite recreational activities. Television, movies, music, more recently social media; all media is a means of control for the establishment. To a certain extent, both left and right, we know this to be true inherently. We know we are still paying for the manipulation we suffered at the hands of the New York Times post-9/11. We know we have been lied to for decades about JFK. We now know we have been misled for years about UFOs.

So, it should be no surprise that when the media went to bat in the primaries and protected Hillary Clinton at every turn many believed them. The email scandal was a nothingburger? How many times did we hear that? Shareblue propagandists marched the digital halls of Reddit to correct any wrong-think they could find that suggested that INTENT DID NOT MATTER in Hillary Clinton’s case. Hillary behaved with gross negligence you’d have to be blind, stupid, or so blatantly partisan you’d risk handing the country over to someone who compromised our SPECIAL ACCESS PROGRAMS to deny that. So, when Comey made his unprecedented announcement that exonerated her, you’d understand why many on both sides were enraged. At that time, it was clear the fix was in.

In hindsight, that was the moment that solidified my vote for Donald Trump. I knew we had to take our country back from these people who had so thoroughly rotted out our system with their corruption that they didn’t even care that we watched it unfold in front of our faces. There was hardly an attempt to hide it. Democrats loyal to Clinton, who went on to vote for her anyway, I don’t blame you for not trusting Trump, but I do blame you for enabling people like the Clintons.

I have said many times on this blog that I voted for Barack Obama twice. Obama proved he knew the words of liberalism, but eventually showed he was nothing more than a neocon in sheep's clothing. Rather than walk the walk of progressivism, he marched us slowly right -- toward the global fascist state whose groundwork has been being laid for a generation. By the time the Democrats finished their steamrolling of Bernie and his inspirational grassroots movement -- commandeering what they believed were enough votes to win the White House and continue their long tradition of raping and pillaging the American taxpayer with foreign wars and global markets -- many of us on the left and right were tumbling down rabbit holes of corruption we never dreamed of. Internet sleuths over the last two-plus years have uncovered mountains of criminality that span the government, few are clean.

Trump, despite the hatred many still harbor, is outside of that system. So, propelled by internet outcasts, conspiratards, and chan-nerds President Trump was born. We all know what happened next. The Russia saga was ramped up, propelled by a need for the establishment to protect itself from exposure. Everyone was implicated in something and Trump was beyond their control. They were desperate and scared. Whether or not you believe all (or any for that matter) of this is irrelevant. What is relevant is that many people do believe this rough outline of events. What happens next will be telling.

We, the Average American fed up with this garbage, disgusted by career politicians with multimillion-dollar compounds, offended by the revolving doors of D.C., removed the establishment from the executive branch and in its place installed a hard-nosed real estate developer from NYC. WE NAMED HIM OUR CHAMPION. It is time to expose them all.

If you are a patriot to this land. If you love your country and your fellow American you will suspend your political affiliations and hear this: We will not cave to the ‘Establishment Deep State’ ever again. IF Trump ends up assassinated, we riot and rebel. IF Mueller’s investigation inspires some attempt to impeach without evidence of MALICIOUS RUSSIAN INFLUENCED COLLUSION TO THE MAGNITUDE OF TREASON, we will take to the streets. IF America and her people aren’t exposed to the TRUTH about 9/11, the Bushes, the Clintons, the Iran Deal, Uranium One, The Awan Brothers, The Clinton Foundation and any other scandal to which the American people were victimized, this nation will not heal without revolution.

If Trump is, as Democrats say, a Russian plant then that is something we will deal with AFTER we have purged ourselves of corrupt actors in the CIA, STATE DEPARTMENT, FBI, NSA and any other agency where these activities are fostered. Congressmen and senators will need to be reviewed and investigated. Agencies will need to be torn down and rebuilt or destroyed altogether. All of this needs to be investigated and TRANSPARENCY must be the most critical element. Nothing should be hidden from public scrutiny. The media must be completely overhauled. The six corporations that control the information citizens get access to must be broken up, and independent journalists with integrity must be elevated to the top of our news media. This effort will require participation from republicans, democrats and independents alike.

We are not a nation of two parties. We are a nation of one people. Now is the time we put political differences aside long enough to clean our own house. If you are someone who believes the Clinton investigation is a farce I have a message for you. You are the farce. You are the tool this country's most despicable people rely on to keep themselves in power. Your hatred of Donald Trump has you blind to the reality of the sickness that plagues our nation. There was nothing okay about the plight of our nation under the corrosive former status quo. President Trump has begun his presidency by empowering our economy, all but defeating ISIS, creating jobs and keeping promises. You may not like many of his policies, but you lost the election. An election where you had a candidate with more experience, the entire establishment on both sides helping and a unified media message behind you. You lost, even though Hillary was gifted freedom by the FBI. Join us or remain with them, but know your choices will have consequences in the end, however this all unfolds.

We the People, who are aware of the corruptions that dates back to the Assassination of President Kennedy, Americans who want LIFE, LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, will not willingly hand this country back over to the NEOCON-NEOLIB policies of men and women who seek only personal gain and the erosion of American prosperity and American Sovereignty. Good Night. God Bless.

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