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Gospel According to Trump

Sal BiaseComment
Gospel According to Trump

As I have done before, this blog entry is derived from a comment I made on Reddit in response to Democratic attacks on our president and His supporters. To read the post I was responding to and responses to my post you can click here.  I am a Trump-Reddit evangelist and I will continue to spread this Gospel.

Why do liberals who want to sexualize children in underage drag shows, put prepubescent teens on hormones if they 'feel' like the wrong gender, and institute tribunals to protect gender pronouns get to decide what the moral line is that defines who is and isn't racist?

First of all, this he said she said bullshit from 'reputable' news outlets is a disgrace. There is no way to know who said what, but don't let that stop the left from allowing their confirmation bias automatically cementing in the reasonable position is racism impeach. Amazing how Democrats have all these reasons to impeach Donald Trump, but he is cemented in the white house.


Second of all saying that A nation like Haiti, as a place, is a shithole is not racist. It isn't racist to state a fact. Haiti and many African countries as well are in what you might call a quagmire or a snafu or a systemic deterioration of any semblance of government. Living conditions are terrible and the people are in dire need. They are not bad people, they are in a bad situation. It is not racist to speak colloquially, call a spade a spade and a shithole a shithole.

Third, it is not compassionate to bring people who are currently in a shithole in America and allow them to violate immigration laws or receive absorbent amounts of resources in the form of government welfare. The laws need to be reformed and enforced.  I as an American agree immigration is an important part of the fabric of America, but not unlimited and unregulated immigration. A nation without borders is not a nation. A long-term goal of the Neo-Cons who once ran this country was the erosion of the Nation-State worldwide. Mass migration helped to accelerate that goal. A wall will help to ensure we can control who and what enters our country. Chain migration has to go. This isn't racism. It's a political conversation about how we are going to govern. Can we grow up?

Four. As someone who lost my political party to raving NeoMCcarthyists and who misses the faith I once put on the leadership of the Democratic party I resent the notion that my vote for Donald Trump makes me a Racist. Want to know who is racist? People who only focus on the skin tones and privileges of others. People who make race the center of their entire identity and policy platform, small-minded people who can't handle the idea of another person's opinions or systems of belief.


People who want to brand Trump as an 'obvious racist, sexist, xenophobic monster' missed the part where nobody asked for their fucking opinion. We live in a country where citizens are free to make conclusions about a man's character for themselves. If you find him those things? Fine. I disagree, end of discussion. Let's talk about policy because one thing needs to be absolutely clear. The LEFT is not the moral compass for this nation. We do things together here, Left, right, and center. We are all human being no matter your race or creed. We are all subject to biases and hypocrisies. The fact is this no one has an unquestionable moral high ground on any issue. There are racist republicans and democrats. There are racist whites and blacks. There are great leaders and people on both sides.

This presumption that TRUMP voters are backwards simpletons is comforting on sites like Reddit, but in reality it's just as generalizing and offensive as me assuming all you Reddit SJWs white-knighting for every cause that makes everyone happy and fuzzy are all new-age transvestite Antifa brown shirts  unironically trying to stifle freedom of speech for even the most moderate of conservatives while at the same time calling them fascists.

If you guys want to finally come to the table in good faith and discuss policy and issues like adults we'll be waiting, but if you want to be the new tea-party, drag your feet and obstruct while praying for the impeachment fairy to leave Trump's head under your pillow, you're lost. You will continue to be lost because you are a loser. How is that for a label?

America needs more than two parties, but it certainly needs more than one... right now Democrats are on a suicide mission. Stop preaching from your high horses and Ivory Towers and engage the right like countrymen. It's pathetic how divided this site and our nation has become, but I guess that is what happens in a society where we prioritize things based on how offended any given person MIGHT be instead of what's best for the Nation.