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On Treason and Treachery

Sal BiaseComment
On Treason and Treachery

The following post was adapted from a comment I wrote on Reddit in response to the meme entitled 'Benedict Donald' I added below the text. While I usually attempt to be more diplomatic in my comments, I'll admit I was slightly triggered and went off. I hope you enjoy.

To those in agreement with, or who share and support the above meme and others like it: You all are the traitors. What backward reality do you live in where you get to accuse the sitting President of TREACHERY and TREASON without any real, tangible, physical evidence, all because of some bullshit scheme concocted by John Podesta on behalf of an unindicted felon and true FUGITIVE from the law, Hillary Clinton? These cartoons have been really cute for the last almost two years, but it's time to grow up as a country and recognize that the only subversion of democracy that took place was by the FBI when they didn't file a single charge in the email investigation due in large part to a half-dozen immunity deals, insane breaches of procedure and a coordinated attempt to placate the public with creative wording that could skirt the language of criminal statutes.

The Left reminds us constantly, incessantly that Hillary Clinton doesn't matter these days, they swear she should be fair game now -- well, then why can't anyone have an honest conversation about the blatant disregard for the law Hillary displayed while she was a candidate for president of the United States? It's like Democrats can't understand the sentence INTENT DOESN'T MATTER in Hillary's case. That becomes even more clear now that we know that Comey and McCabe believed Hillary was grossly negligent and change their language to get around suggesting charges. This is why Loretta Lynch never actually recused herself from this case, she knew the team wouldn't let it get to her. Yes, it was a team effort, they all mailed it in.

Then to cover their own negligence and incompetence after Podesta's emails were spilled across the internet -- which, by the way, prove what amounts to unity between the Democrats and 90% of mainstream news and a joint attempt to undermine and defeat Bernie Sanders -- they created the 'Russia hacked us' narrative which eventually devolved into a half-baked hysteria that has AGAIN zero solid evidence that shows A) Russia interfered in any significant way with our election or B) Trump helped them or intended to help them in any meaningful way.

Look, I get it. You all hate Trump. He disgusts you, he offends you and you literally can't even. But, here is the thing, I don't give a shit; none of us do. In fact, after everything that has gone on over the past two years, I am pretty comfortable saying I kinda like the guy. I like him more every day. While you all eat every lie fed to you by the CIA and cry about every second of this administration, the economy is improving in nearly every conceivable way. The country is doing fine, thank you very much.

Now before you go and piss and moan about how I'm a conservative lunatic, I think that you should know that until very recently I considered myself a leftist. I voted Obama twice, I canvassed and donated to Bernie Sanders, I cried when Kerry lost to Bush and I still hate the Bush family to this day. I changed my Voter registration from D to unaffiliated the day after the DNC convention. So, maybe you should try and understand rather than labeling others who oppose you.

Do you remember when the hardline conservatives who were brainwashed by Fox News marched us right into the Iraq war and how we couldn't convince any Republican that Obama was NOT a socialist hellbent on destroying the country? Remember how frustrating it was dealing with the small, loud minority of people who dominated slanderous news cycles against the rightful president without any evidence? Do you remember how that prevented Obama from advancing his agenda and led to a whole bunch of issues that you still blame on Republicans to this day? Well, guess what? That's you now! All of you Russia obsessed sociopaths fixated on impeaching the president because of some wildly misplaced sense of moral superiority have become what you once hated most. But make no mistake, in almost every way you are far worse and far more dangerous than the Bush-era conservatives because you have a weapon that they didn't have. The unified voice and international reach of the Mainstream Media Industry.

Television, Hollywood, News, Music -- name it (by the way, what great role models and moral guides they are all turning out to be), in unison, for over 19 or so months, you have been lied to and manipulated while you push the left wing of your party further and further away. I never DREAMED of supporting President Trump, but the more you exiled me and others like me (people-- not bots -- that ACTUALLY exist), the more I realized how wrong I was about both him and the American Democratic party/Media empire. It's truly despicable. It is miserable and disgusting and it really hollows you to your core when you wake up to that reality. When you understand what this establishment actually is. When you see for yourself what it has done. When you understand  what they were attempting to do. Sometimes, it is hard not to weep for this nation. I pray you find that understaning soon. Be well.

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