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When the Memo Releases

Sal BiaseComment
When the Memo Releases

The following post was adapted from a comment I posted on Reddit. To view the comment in its original form and read the broader conversation click here

In reality, House Republicans have two practical ways of releasing the Memo and they are using one of them. The vote in committee will come shortly and I wouldn't be surprised if it came soon and included all the corroborating evidence. People dubious of the importance or even the very existence of the memo really seem to be ignorant of both the actuality of what has taken place over the last two years and the importance of political optics in general.

In my opinion of course. Time may prove me wrong, but as I see it, this dossier contains evidence of something most unbiased leftists believed during most of the last administration. The Obama administration abused FISA and probably all spy tools of our Nation as well. If they used it on Trump at all before Russia suspicions began, it is a scandal and probably completely erases Mueller. If they used information (or a dossier) they obviously knew was BS in order to facilitate spying/a Russia hoax, it is a scandal and probably erases Mueller. If there is evidence Obama was spying on people well outside of Trump's direct orbit or perhaps other (all) political opponents of Hillary Clinton, it is a scandal.

Just consider all the criminality that is known to swirl around the Clinton's and imagine what was at stake for the establishment in this past election. The temptation to use the intelligence community and their tools to their advantage would have been immense. Really, the past administration whether during Fast & the Furious, with the Iran Deal, you name it; when it came to their political goal they were very dismissive of the law. Would that be any different here?

And when they lost, they already had the Russia narrative in place to try and cover their tracks. They began crafting the crisis with their useful idiots in the media. The same cast of characters comprised the Mueller investigation. I am sure they thought it was a long shot, but hey Trump is a political amateur; maybe he'll fall into a trap? Maybe they could get him impeached through the media? And they have been gaslighting us ever since. They used deliberately leaked noncriminal information collected illegally and their overwhelming control of the news and entertainment industries to steal reality to suit their needs. A narrative was crafted around half-truths, manipulated intel and outright lies.

So many people are complicit in this charade and the memo, in all honesty, could probably easily put this to bed.

Simply watch clips of Reps Gaetz and Jordan talk about this memo and tell me they are just good actors. Gaetz looks downright giddy at the prospects of its release and Jordan seems like he's seen a ghost. These people believe in it.

The optics of all this is frankly BAD for Republicans. The RUSSIAgate allegation is VERY serious and the GOP wouldn't attack it if Mueller or his work if it were legitimately close to uncovering collusion. GOP congressmen wouldn't risk incriminating and exposing theselves to be wrapped up in Mueller's probe. Rather, they know it to be false, as do most on the Hill by now and they have been trying to wrestle this information free from the DOJ for six months.

They finally saw it, found a means of releasing it to the public in a never before used way and are attempting to do just that. If it flops it would be devastating to them and unlike Schumer, I think these GOP reps actually have an understanding of political fallout. We are going to find out very soon what the memo contains, so we should all just strap in and wait.

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