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While We Wait

Sal BiaseComment
While We Wait

Dear all Proud Deplorables,

Congratulations on making it this far. Whether you were on the Trump Train since it left the station, a scorned Bernie-or-buster who wanted to burn it all down or a recent addition to the MAGA movement, you have a lot to celebrate tonight.  We have all endured the most arduous year of modern American politics. Patriotic Americans of all colors, creeds, and walks of life have been disparaged, dismissed, mocked and ridiculed for their support of Donald Trump. Now we all get to witness his very first State of the Union address.

Speaking personally, I have lost count of the number of times I have been called a Russian, a Conspiracy Theorist or a Nazi over the last year plus. This insanity that has seeped in and gripped the left has made the lives of everyone in this country unbearable. Our entire society has been ground to a stop by and for blinded partisans who are going through a grieving process. That is all the Russia nonsense is, by the way, an extended manifestation of grief.

Democrats lost everything on election day 2016 and since that day they have been a walking corpse trying to comprehend their new reality. They were a collective of self-righteous, self-important political zealots who grew accustomed to the comforts of power; so much so, they forgot the realities of Democracy. The American Political Left was so completely unprepared for a world where they held no power that, in their incredulity, they clung to the notion that Russia was the sole cause of their defeat.

We racist, xenophobic, deplorable traitors have long known Democrats lost well before the vote was held in November of 2016. We useful idiots of the Kremlin knew the vile and disgusting candidate Hillary Clinton was a lost cause from the jump. She was a frail, sickly woman with decades of political skeletons who had essentially come to represent a corrupted political establishment that had forgotten about its nation's heartlands. Clinton, who stole a primary election to further her personal ambitions, was the perfect foil to Trump as a political outsider.

On the night of Donald Trump’s first State of the Union, it is time to reflect on what a year of adversity it has been for those of us who are proud of our President and our country. We won the election on November 8th and with the takeover of the office of the Presidency, we won the war against a cabal of shadow cloaked bureaucrats who have been raping our country for decades, all in the name of self-enrichment. Yet, a year later we have yet to see the full fruits of our victory. Our Fake News channels still set the national discussion, Mueller is still on a congress sanctioned witch hunt to subvert democracy and our president still faces daily criticisms the likes of which no president has ever faced. It is up to us to change that.

Tonight, Trump will capture the attention of the nation. His message will reach millions and many will be receptive to the vision he lays out for us. This week, Republicans will release a memo that will spell out abuses that took place against the American people at the hands of the previous administration in an effort to rig an election and install Hillary Clinton as POTUS. This is the truth of the world as seen by rational, thinking Americans unswayed by corporate news. What we have to do is speak up and speak the truth.

There is no evidence Russia interfered in our election processes, there is ample proof the FBI let Hillary off, spied on Donald Trump and leaked incessantly in an effort to undermine his presidency, launch the Mueller probe and eventually complete a soft coup through the impeachment process. WE ARE CHARGED WITH DEFENDING OUR PRESIDENT AND OUR NATION.

If you believe anything I have said above to be true, if you at all relate to my sentiments, please don’t be silent any longer. While we wait for Donald Trump to address the Union, begin to reflect on the United States of America you envision creating in the future and decide if you are willing to fight for it. They (deep state, cabal, satanist, pedo, power broker, kingmakers, CIA spooks or whoever you think Trump is up against) will not rest until they are back in the White House and our alternative voices are silenced online and in reality. America belongs to its sovereign citizenry.

I am not a Russian, I am a proud American. I love this country and what we stand for as a people. Our history is unique to that of the world and we have so many accomplishments behind us to support the notion that we can, together, achieve incredible things. Unity in the face of adversity must be our cause in the battles to come. The road ahead will be long and treacherous, but I suspect by this time next year the fruits of our victories will be plentiful and impossible for anyone to ignore.

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