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Dear America, Listen

Sal Biase3 Comments
Dear America, Listen

Dear Fellow Americans,

It’s time we had a frank discussion. A discussion that cuts out the information gatekeepers parading as journalists. A discussion rooted in honesty, respect and understanding. A discussion that for the last few years has been virtually absent from the mainstream political dialogue. I am typing this letter humbly and sincerely in hopes that someone out there who may disagree with what I am writing will come to better understand me and people who share my viewpoint so that they can hopefully understand the reality of a world with two truths.

I want to begin by saying I am not innocent in this. I am just as capable and susceptible to all the same political tricks, biases, echo-chambers and other traps people tend to fall into in a heightened political climate. I am not an expert on anything; I am nothing more than a voter who does his best to stay as informed as he can. A few months back, after the election that led to Donald Trump becoming president, I wrote a similar letter to this one with similar goals. In it, I had hoped to explain how a lifelong liberal could turn around and vote for Donald Trump after supporting, phone banking and canvassing for Bernie Sanders. This letter hopes to convince you that it does not matter at all.

We are all, at the end of the day, nothing. Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi, Paul Ryan, Hillary Clinton, every member of the Senate, each representative in Congress, every surviving former president, all of us living and breathing in the United States of America on the planet Earth is infinitely insignificant when we account for the grand scheme of history, let alone time and space. Why are we, common people -- brothers, sisters, parents and children tearing ourselves apart over the news of the day each and every day as we have for over a year? Why do we allow tensions to increase to a point where we call names, wish violence and seek revenge against people who share our history and our heritage?

American politics is a cesspool and only the filthiest, vilest creatures dare swim in it. It is important to note that no one is perfect, but when it comes to power and control, the most black souls gravitate to D.C. Washington is the seat of an empire built on death and destruction. It is a temple carved from the bedrock of lies and deceit. There is no one worthy of trust there. The corruption that has eaten away at our constitutional foundation like termites to wood beams is not a reflection of us, We The People (though we do bear much of the responsibility). Rather it is a dormant parasite that we have incubated and in the year 2016, it had grown far too large to continue on unnoticed.

I don’t care what you believe about the popular vote, about Hillary Clinton, Obama, Holder and the like. Too much of the country believed them to be too corrupt to continue to rule. It was really that simple. I am not going to waste your time litigating the Russia scandal. I have tried to do that on this blog before and I have been trying for a long time. Now, with Donald Trump as president we are trying with all our might to hold the country together as rumors and speculation are served to the American people by professional liars masquerading as truth-tellers.

If you believe that Donald Trump colluded with Russia, I want you to know that I respectfully disagree with you. Trust me, I have heard all the arguments and read all the reports and for every new story that comes out claiming to be the final nail, I have more questions about the actions of a million other actors in this great political game -- questions about things that occurred well before President Trump. CNN and the rest of the mainstream media are trying to tell you today that Fox News has created an anti-Mueller attack campaign to get the Special Council fired. This is a lie. I have never been a Fox News viewer, and I believe Mueller should be fired -- not because they invented it, but because I have concerns about the merits of this investigation. I doubt very much the Russians had a significant impact on the election. I fundamentally distrust the unaccountable intelligence communities that have led us into FUBAR after FUBAR since inception. On top of this, I doubt the Russians would have needed the help of Trump to influence the election at all. I can go on, but I won’t. NONE of this matters to you or I or our families. Not right this instant. What does matter is what we do about our differences of opinion and how we interpret the facts going forward.

Please recognize that for as passionate as you are about unseating Donald Trump, protecting Mueller’s investigation and stopping the Russians, nearly half of the country is equally as passionate and convinced the Clintons are global criminals, the past 30 years have been a slow march toward the death of our nation and Trump is the last hope we have of reclaiming America from a network of unelected bureaucrats, billionaires and political grifters that have had their sights set on a global government where wealth is controlled and distributed by the international 1 percent. To many around the country, Trump is symbolic of the will of the people. He represents a belief that we can be reborn as a nation of industry and prosperity. You may believe this to be foolish, simple, tin-foil hattery; that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that it is true and while you may believe that people who disbelieve Russiagate, like Trump or hate Clinton and the Democrats are useful idiots, believe me when I tell you they think the same of you.

So, we are at an impasse. Tonight, I have seen many encouraging the ‘left’ to take to the streets if Mueller is fired. If Trump were to face impeachment, you would see the same from many on the ‘right.' Our nation has wounds that have yet to heal and we stand together now but are deeply divided. Who does this benefit? Certainly not the American people.

In the coming days and weeks, we will learn more about the truth of everything. Some of it will be sensationalist, some will be concerning and some may come as a relief to many. As of this moment, there is no one who knows everything about anything that is happening behind the scenes. Don’t let the media dictate your heart. Do not allow political ideologies to dictate to who it is you show your respect and to who you show animus. The only way we survive what happens next in our great, great nation is by looking at one another as One UNDIVIDED human family with shared history and traditions. This is the Holiday season. Love is strongest now. Rely on that. Focus on that. The warmth and the light that emanates out from your soul onto our reality is all that matters.

John McCain can’t save you. Adam Schiff, Bob Mueller, Jared Kushner, Donald Trump -- these are puppets on a stage of distraction that keeps you from enjoying the beauty that is America -- from sharing in the joys provided to us simply by living every day as an American community. For all the ugliness, all the corruption, all the misdeeds, there remains a great spirit here. A spirit that both sides desperately want to preserve. We fight each other because we perceive one another as a threat, as the enemy, but this folly. I am not your enemy, you are not mine. We are family. We may disagree, but we are family. I promise you I will not allow Donald Trump to snuff out the splendor that is the American Spirit. Promise me you won’t allow the division to do the same. The American spirit is the free human entity, united in common cause to rid the world of oppression. We have lost sight of this spirit, we lost sight a long time ago. It is time for us as a nation of free, thinking, loving men and women to refocus on our family because a house divided against itself cannot stand. That was true when Mark wrote it in the earliest gospel, it was true when Abraham Lincoln echoed it in 1858 and it remains true today.

We are all confident in our beliefs and passionate in our cause. We all want what is best for those we love, what is best for the world, but remember we are nothing but specks floating in space. Our existence is both fleeting and fragile and nothing is guaranteed. The only way forward that benefits our common cause is together. Do not trust in Trump, in Obama, in anyone other than yourself and your fellow American. Love begets love, hate begets hate. We aren’t enemies, we just disagree right now. We won’t disagree forever. We are one.

God Bless America.

Faithfully yours in God and Country,

Sal Biase

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