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Dear Joe

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Boy, did I ever pick a bad day to take off from blogging. It all hit the fan yesterday for Dolphin's fans yesterday so naturally here is where I stand on all the issues.

Joe Philbin, What are you doing?

Since Joe Philbin has taken over as head coach of the Miami Dolphins, there have been a lot of moments where I have asked myself this question. A lot. Too many as far as I am concerned, but yesterday was the moment that should mark the end of his tenure as Dolphins coach. One can only hope it is the begining of the end.

If you missed it, yesterday Joe Philbin was asked about the status of Tannehill as the Dolphins starting quarterback and he didn't answer it directly. Then he was asked again and again he danced around it. At that point the floodgates opened and Miami had a real, live quarterback controversy. Forget the fact that this team doesn't need another distraction, forget the fact that we are only three games into the season, forget the fact that his offensive coordinator contradicted him just seconds later and seemingly endorsed Ryan Tannehill and forget the fact that is seems to be, at best, an ill planned attempt to motivate a young QB. My biggest issue is that Ryan Tannehill is hardly the biggest problem!

Joe, YOU ARE THE BIGGEST PROBLEM! Really Joe, your most notable accomplishment as head coach is allowing the bullying scandal to happen on your watch. Not once since you have been here have you out coached an opponent, had any sign of any player development, what so ever (including with your young quarter back), you have never showed a spine or confidence, you have been stubbornly trying to fit your players into your schemes and gameplans rather than utilizing the ample talent you have been given. You have been a disappointment. Worse yet you have been a boring, mediocre disappointment with absolutely no personality and your team mirrors that on the field. 

So, you're third year quarterback has struggled through three games this year? Let's throw him under the bus, let's blameshift,  let's not have his back at all. Tannehill is in a five game slump, but I can name something he still does great. Two minute drills. He led a drive down field at the end of the first half against the Chiefs. You may remember it, since you botched the time management part and allowed 40 seconds to tic off the clock between plays instead of calling a timeout. Remember how you didn't let Tannehill work a two minute drill Down 9 at the half against the Bills. Were you admitting you were wrong by allowing him to try for points in week three? I know, I know, you were scared of the Bills in week two. Just like you're scared now. And because you're scared you feel like you need to rustle some young quarterback feathers. What really irks me is that even in this slump I can still find some things Tannehill is really good at. I can't say the same for you, Joe.

You are a terrible game day coach, you make far too many mistakes. You don't game plan particularly well, as you are constantly out coached. You don't run a tight locker room, we already established that. What do you do, Joe?  Why has you're team looked so woefully under-prepared the last 5 times they have taken the field? You have no answers. But, hey! Let's plant doubt in the young QBs head! You know, the one who is trying to learn a new offense for the first time since high school. He has been playing so tight all year. He has consistently rushed through his progression or panicked in the pocket. Maybe because let him get sacked 56 times last year. Okay, maybe that's not all your fault, but your buddy Mike Sherman  was content dropping him back 60 times a game letting him get teed off on and you never stopped it. So yes, Joe, Tannehill needs to play better, but why don't you try being a coach? Because I would gladly take Ryan Tannehill as my quarterback any given Sunday long before I willing take you as my head coach.

I didn't mean for this to turn into an open letter to Joe Philbin or an angry rant, but it has so I am going to leave it. I feel like I have exercised a demon. Tell me why I am wrong in the comments or  here on twitter.