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My Dark Thoughts (I Should Probably Keep To Myself)

Sal BiaseComment

So, I wasn't going to write this blog, as I was feeling far to sick to type, but I need to get these thoughts about the Dolphins out before they fill up my head and I explode. I am going to be brief since you should never write anything out of anger, so here goes nothing.

On Ryan Tannehill

I know he hasn't looked like "The Guy" through three games. In fact, it looks like he is getting worse. I don't know why it is. Maybe its the new offense, maybe its the play calls, maybe he simply doesn't have the talent we all thought he did. Regardless of why it is, the fact is, Miami has to ride it out with him this year, no matter what.

He should start every game he is healthy and we as Dolphins fans can either watch him turn it around or watch him sink the ship. If a miracle happens, then good for Miami and good for us fans. If it doesn't  than the next head coach can decide who will be the quarterback next year. Enough of this play Matt Moore garbage I have been seeing on twitter (we know he isn't "the guy"). That brings me too...

Joe Philbin Is A Problem

In fact he may be the biggest problem. There are far too many issues I have with him and his decision making to list them all, but I will say this: A good coach could win with this team. Over the last 16 games Philbin has coached this team is 6-10... Not good enough.

All three games this year the Dolphins have looked uninspired at the start, going into the half down by two scores in each game. Not. Good. Enough. He doesn't seem to be able to inspire this team at all and he does not get the most out of his players. All this is ignoring the numerous game day issues he has from displaying confidence in his team, his clock management, and head scratching decisions. His team underperforms and that falls on the coaching. NOT. GOOD. ENOUGH.

Next Week: Win or Lose

So I was wrong this week. Shame on me for showing faith in this team, but I do believe the Dolphins should have won today, and now they HAVE to win next week. If the Dolphins win next week, we fans can smile and pretend the Dolphins are still a playoff contender. 

The far more interesting scenario will be if they lose in London next week. I am in the camp of if this team loses against the Raiders then you blow it up. Why delay the inevitable? Fire Philbin, the team goes into the bye with Hickey and Lazor having a shot to turn it around. Then you hire a coach in the off-season and let them make decisions on the future of the franchise.

I am going to go cry. Feel free to consol me HERE ON TWITTER!