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A Few Brief Notes: 9/24/14

Sal BiaseComment

My open letter to Joe Philbin from yesterday was a little reactionary. I meant every word, but I shouldn't have written the post in anger. What's done is done I suppose, time to move on. Here are a few short thoughts I have on the news coming out of Dolphin's world today.

Good For Ryan Tannehill

The young QB showed up Joe Philbin today at his after practice press conference by stating Philbin caused his team a distraction this week. He then immediately proclaimed himself the starter and had strong answers to all the questions Philbin has been avoiding.

Tannehill showed some real gumption with some of his quotes today and seemed really displeased with the way Joe Philbin has handled the media this past week. Tannehill has every right to be upset. I just hope this shows up on the field Sunday as positive, not a negative.

London Calling

I really dislike the notion of Miami flying to London tomorrow evening. I have been jet lagged overseas before and it took me days to recover. They will only have Friday and Saturday to prepare for the Sunday kickoff. This is another puzzling decision by head coach Joe Philbin especially when you consider that Oakland has been in London since Monday. If the Dolphins come out and look sluggish again you can expect a lot of stories second guessing the questionable travel arrangement.

Sunday A Must Win

Just to reiterate, Sundays game is really huge. I can't imagine a team needing a win more, right now, than the Miami Dolphins. A loss would virtually end the Dolphins playoff hopes, barring a miracle. A loss would put both Joe Philbin and Ryan Tannehill firmly on the hot seat and spark an important dialog about the teams future over the bye week.

Jason Taylor and Dan Marino

These two Dolphins greats have both been figures of discussion the last few days. Taylor went on record as claiming Philbin's actions in starting a quarterback controversy was a "Head scratcher". This comes only days after he took to twitter and posted some cryptic message about the Dolphins following his lead (which he promptly deleted). 

Dan the Man was reported to be very disapproving of Philbin as well. Jason Phil Cole of bleacher report came out with a story saying Marino's job with the Dolphins consists of finding out just what the Dolphins have in coach Joe Philbin and qb Ryan Tannehill. The fine folks at the Miami Herald shot this report down saying that isn't his job at all. All I know is, when decisions on Philbin and Tannehill get made Ross better be consulting Marino.


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