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A Few Thoughts: Predictions/ Jordan/ Pick Three

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Chiefs @ Dolphins

Tomorrow afternoon's kickoff against the Chiefs will give us a good idea about where this Miami Dolphins team is. A strong performance by Ryan Tannehill and the rest of the offence against a banged up Kansas City defense will go a long way in making up for the egg the team laid a week ago in Buffalo. 

The keys to the game are simple.

1) Ryan Tannehill needs to play well: In two games so far this reason the Dolphin's quarterback has looked pedestrian at best, a rebound game from Tannehill is crucial.

2) Can the D-line feast: Alex Smith is an incredibly efficient passer. Last week against the Bills the Miami D-line was a non-factor. That can't happen again. If Cam Wake and the rest of the line can disrupt Smith and penetrate a Kansas City's O-line, Smith will be in store for a long day.

3) Stop the play makers: CJ Spiller and Sammy Watkins did a number on the Phins last week. If Jamaal Charles plays this week the Dolphins will have to make sure he doesn't expose the defense. Dwayne Bowe and Travis Kelce are going to demand a lot of attention from the secondary, so the Dolphins will have their work cut out for them.

I believe the Dolphins pull this game out 30-21.

Dion Suspension Extension

Dion Jordan got suspended yesterday, or should I say re-suspended? Whatever the process, the results are the same, Dion will be suspended 4 more games. Initially he was going to be able to start his season after week 4. Now, Dion will be out until week seven. 

Dolphins fans have been calling Dion Jordan a bust since the end of last season and this second suspension isn't helping matters. Reports are saying Dion has a drug problem that he is seeking help for. I am not ready to call him a bust until he sees the field again, the problem is, as of now, that is more of an if than when. When Jordan found playing time last year, he was disruptive, all fans can do is hope he picks up where he left off when the suspension ends. No sense in talking about trading or cutting the second year player right now, as doing so would result in a ton of dead money and his stock couldn't be lower.

Three Picks

Dallas @ Saint Louis- I am taking Dallas to win this game. Saint Louis just isn't good... Dallas isn't great either, but I trust Romo more than I trust Shaun Hill.

Huston @ New York Giants- I pick the Giants here. Giants are bound to win sometime, I think this is the week they put it all together, somewhat.

Minnesota @ New Orleans- New Orleans are 10.5 point favorites in this one, I don't think that spread is big enough. New Orleans at 0-2 know this game at home is a must win. The Vikings are without Adrian Peterson. This one has blowout written all over it.

There you have it. Lets see how it goes tomorrow!

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