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So, long time no talk! I apologize for the radio silence, but I have had real life issues taking over my sports talking life and haven't had the time to post here. Good news is I am back now! And I have a ton of things to say! I normally would spend this time previewing Sunday's match up between the Dolphins and Chargers, the week nine game is probably Miami's biggest game of the year. I will spend a lot of time tomorrow writing about the match up and going around the league, but today I wanted to write a bit about baseball. So, here are a few thoughts from the world of the MLB.

What Makes Baseball Great

I understand baseball isn't for everyone. For some, the pace is too slow. There are some people who find it boring or even tedious. For me, however, baseball is the perfect sport. I love the way the drama builds with every pitch. I admire how the intensity surges as a ball makes its way toward the gaps. I love small ball as much as the long ball as much as stolen bases and sac flies. If you treated yourself to a night of baseball Wednesday, for game seven of the World Series, then you got to see numerous examples of what makes baseball wonderful. Last nights game had a palpable life to it, that created an energy you could feel from your couch. Seeing the reactions of the players after each out and hearing the groans of the crowd after each called strike captured a heartbeat that can only exist in the realm of baseball. Baseball is poetry.

None of those things are really what made last nights game seven one for the ages though. Last nights game was historic for one reason; Madison Bumgarner. For the third time in three tries Bumgarner shut down the Kansas City Royals in the best of seven series. His pitching performance can only be described in one way; utter dominance. You see, base ball is great because you can never predict it. Every at bat has the potential to produce the most amazing results. You're always guaranteed to see something great or memorable or flashy or fun. But sometimes, on special nights like last night, the baseball gods align the stars in such away to reward its spectators. Some times, you are gifted the rare opportunity to witness a man become an immortal right before your eyes. Legends are the legacy of the game. Madison Bumgarner became one of those legends last night. I hope, someday, you can tell your grand kids you watched it live.

Ignite the Burners!

With the World Series coming to an end, MLB hot stoves are getting warmed up and that is one of the best times of the year. Soon blog-o-spheres all over the internet will be filled with rumors and predictions of who will be where come the end of the off-season (hint: no one knows!). For the next few months I am going to try and use this space on Tuesday nights for Yankees rumors and MLB hot stove takes. Click on by if you feel so inclined to join in on that discussion.

Mike vs. Idzik

I love Mike Francesa. I know there is a vocal camp that finds him to arrogant to be enjoyable, but I really think that is what makes him on of the great voices in sports radio. On Monday, following John Idzik's Jets press conference, Mike Francesa went on an epic tirade that is so enjoyable (unless you are a Jets fan) that I can't help but share. CLICK HERE to listen to Francesa destroy everything from Rex Ryan's excessive celebration to the idea of "Jets Nation". Its a fun listen and really, pretty accurate.


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