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Victory Monday

Sal BiaseComment

As a Dolphin fan, you would think that, by now, I would know not to get so high on victory Mondays. You would think that, but I can't help myself! Its so nice to be able to smile on Mondays and read all the positive stories about Ryan Tannehill, Cameron Wake and the rest of the team. So, I am going to keep riding this high, at least until next Sunday. Here are three notes from games this weekend.

Don't Get Beat

Against the Jags on Sunday. The Dolphins need to follow up their win over Chicago with another win in Jacksonville. The Jags just won for the first time over the Browns Sunday, hopefully they don't get that fresh taste for winning and use it to upset the Dolphins. After the Jags, the Dolphins face the Chargers, Lions and Bills. To get three wins in that four game stretch is the dream, but two wins would put this team at 5-5 and in prime position for a playoff run at the end of the season. Anything less would be hugely disappointing. 

The Bills Blow My Mind

Every week I think to myself, "the Bills really aren't this good!" I am pretty sure I am correct, but every week they go out and improve their record, despite not looking impressive at all as they do it. I was confident that the Bills would fall behind the Dolphins with a 3-4 record as the fourth quarter of their home game against the Viking ticked away. Lo and behold, with a mere second (second!) left Kyle Orton finds Sammy Watkins for the short score to seal the win. My jaw was on the floor. It is going to kill me, but I have to root for the Jets this Sunday...Someone has to knock these Bills down a few pegs.

Good For Colt McCoy

I didn't watch much of Washington's comeback win over the Titans, but I did catch the highlights of Colt McCoy leading the charge after the benching of Kirk Cousins. I never thought McCoy was that bad as a Brown, he just never had much luck. I hope he continues to open eyes in DC while the opportunity is there. It would make for a really nice story.

A Note From The NCAA

Jamies Winston is going to be a good NFL quarterback. That is, as long as he's not a rapist and/or felon of any sort. The kid really needs to get his head on straight because watching him play Saturday night against the Irish was pure fun! Winston really has the looks of someone determined to play at high level every time he is on the field.

Let me know how your  victory (or defeat, no judgements) Monday was on twitter