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Chargers @ Dolphins Preview

Sal BiaseComment

Its happening. I don't want it to happen, but it is and their is nothing I can do to resist. I am falling into the trap of believing in the Dolphins. I know, I know it happens once, if not twice, every year. And I know it only leads to disappointment, but I am really starting to believe in this team and as much as I know I shouldn't I can't seem to help myself.

In all honesty the Dolphins only have one really impressive win. That came all the way back in week one in a second half comeback over the Patriots.  The Raiders and the Jaguars are both terrible teams and the Bears have self destructed. The Chargers are a complete team and should be a significant challenge to the Dolphins, but a win would be a real coming out party for Miami.

To improve to 5-3 would give Miami significant momentum when heading to Detroit for another tough game against the Lions. A win this week paves the road toward a winning season with Games against the Bill Jets(x2) and Vikings still on the schedule. Although the Chargers are widely being picked as a road favorite I actually like this match up for the Dolphins. The Chargers have had a real problem protecting Philip Rivers and running the football. Miami's D has been in top form. I like the Dolphins defense this week matched up against the Chargers and I really think they have the potential to frustrate Rivers.

The Dolphins really need their offence to click, and click early. In the first half against the Jaguars Tannehill was abused and the running game couldn't get going. It wasn't till Tannehill hit Wallace for a 50 yard completion that the team got going. This week I am looking for the Dolphins to keep moving Tannehill. Read options and roll outs in hopes to get The Passmaster in the flow of the game early. If they do that and Tannehill plays as well as he have then I think they have more than a chance, I think they will have it locked up. I see the Dolphins making a statement win (even though I'll probably eat my words here): Dolphin's defense plays well and leads the Phins to a 27-17 victory.