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Saturday Night Predictions

Sal BiaseComment

This week we have some exciting match-ups from around the league. So, lets talk Dolphins and take a look at a few other Sunday games as well!

Miami @ Chicago

The Dolphins are looking at a near must win this week and it's usually in those spots that they decide to lose. This week, however, I think they edge out a good team in the Bears and manage to get their record to 3-3. The Dolphins are going to have to put up points because the D is going to have trouble keeping the Bears off the board. The large Bears pass catchers, lead by Brandon Marshal are going to have a size advantage on the Dolphins secondary all day. It will be up to Cam Wake and the pass rush to force Jay Cutler into mistake prone football. Ryan Tannehill will have to play like he did last week, in the second half, against the Packers for the Dolphins to come out on top. I think he does that this week! The Bears defense is susceptible to the big play and I think the Dolphins break out of that offensive malaise this week. At the end of the contest I expect the Dolphins on top 32-27

Three Around The League

New Orleans @ Detroit: If I had the courage to predict a shut out, I would. New Orleans offense has been off this year and Detroit's D has been utterly dominant. New Orleans is a terrible road team and they are going up against a much better opponent. I see this one getting messy. This game will end with the score at least 24-7 Detroit.

Cincinnati @ Indianapolis: This game will be pretty dependent on how well Andy Dalton plays. Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis offense will produce, that is just a fact of nature, if Dalton keeps it close he may be able to get a late score to win it for the Bengals after a rare tie last week. I see Cincinnati pulling this one out late 27-24 Bengals!

New York @ Dallas: I have heard a lot of opinions that this may be a trap game for Dallas. I disagree. I think Dallas is going to win and I think it will be pretty comfortable. I think New York could potentially expose an over achieving Dallas defense, but the way Tony Romo, the O-line and the running game has looked, I don't think the Giants will be able to do enough. This is also an offense that will be trying to adjust to life after Victor Cruz. In this game I see the Cowboys coming out with the W 30-23.

There you have it! Like Nostradamus I can see the future... You can tell me I can't on twitter!