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Post 12 - Not my president?

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Post 12 - Not my president?

Editors note: This post was adapted from a comment I made on Reddit that received little notice. I decided to improve it and share it here.

It really bothers me when I hear former Clinton supporters shouting about how Donald Trump isn't their president. It is as if they believe they somehow stopped being Americans at 11:59 on Friday. We (Bernie supporters) told you (Clinton Supporters) early on in the campaign season that Hillary Clinton was probably the only democrat that could lose to Donald Trump.

If you had any sense of the pulse of this electorate, you knew that Bernie Sanders could have ridden to the White House on a Tidal Wave of populism. We begged you, pleaded with you not to let the Clinton coronation happen. TO JOIN US. Bernie checked all the boxes. He had the character, charisma and message to win the working class vote.

The working class was the only demographic that mattered in the 2016 presidential election. It wasn't about race, or sex, or religion. The working class is the silent majority.

Bernie was/is the natural counter to an imbalanced and unfair economic system. Defend it all you like, but the numbers don't lie. The wage gap and wealth distribution, in our country, has run off the rails. This is what ultimately motivated Donald Trump's turnoutNot to mention, Hillary had more baggage than 737. In an election where everyone seemed to want a political outsider, you SHRUGGED US OFF. All while saying you knew she wasn't great, but her scandals were really just "SCANDALSSSS" and ya know 'electability'. And now, here we are...  Not to mention her poor stance on trade deals, her unfortunate interventionist track record and her complete lack of trustworthiness. Those weren't perceived things, they were measurable numbers... All Clinton supporters kept citing were bullshit polls that were based on old demographic models and often skewed by corporate media. Oh, and let's not forget Nate Silver.

Meanwhile, any curious independent voter could have read her 'damn emails' and discovered that she was practically joking about the fact that she was going to fuck over the working class once she was elected. Call it class warfare, call it what you want, but class motivation is often all politics boils down to. Somehow, we've convinced ourselves that it's perfectly okay to be explicitly racist while using racially divided demographics based political analysis, but class warfare is totally off limits.

That's what this election was. That is what the upcoming elections will be until we re-balance the economic scales... or we collapse, literally, as a society. This goes for all western capitalist societies who are experiencing their own Trumps.

Bernie's favorability is still over 50% by the way... meaning more than half the country VIEWS HIM FAVORABLY. Donald Trump was and still is in the low 30s. HILLARY WAS 35%. None of this was hard to see coming. Hillary had nothing that appealed to the INDEPENDENT average working class voter. These are people who are hurting and have a REAL NEED for economic change

These are the people struggling to pay their bills in the rust belt and the people who make no money for long hours at a job they don't like and the people who don't have a job at all and the kids (now voting age or older) living at home with their parents and probably at least one of their parents, too.

Lastly, she did not appeal to most of us... the very liberal.... we rallied around Bernie. Our movement was so overwhelming because of him. You know you felt that 'Bern.' We were all over the internet... BERNIE was the candidate of MILLENNIALS. But he was more than that as well. Men and women, long since abandoned by the political process due to the slow pull to the center-right by corporatism, also found a champion in Bernie. You rejected them, you mocked us. Why?

You stood by during a primary process that was rigged every step of the way. Then, in defiance of all provided evidence, you demeaned and minimized our concerns. You laughed at the mere suggestion that the process was unfair. Oh, and NEWSFLASH: We didn't want to vote for a war hawk, we didn't want 8 more years of the same, we didn't want another Clinton or more scandals or to move the ONLY LEFT PARTY further to the right... we already had no representation as it was.

The Democratic working class liberal base has been choked out of the party, and I mean that literally because they are slowly leaving you. And so, we have Trump. That brings us back to the main point of this post: He is your President, too.

I hated when the GOP made similar comments in '08. I complained when they said that all Obama offered was socialism and he was an illegitimate Kenyan communist. We called them racist for that, remember? I guess that doesn't matter much anymore, though, considering how casually we label our opponents all sorts of things these days.

Both Donald and Bernie were labeled racist and/or sexist at some point during the campaign. Along with every GOP candidate. Amazing how Hillary Clinton was the only candidate in the entire main party field who was in no way racist or sexist... except for the fact that she was the candidate with the most racist recorded statement and had a verifiable record of victim blaming sexually assaulted women and slut shaming.

So, in conclusion, I also find it disgusting when you suggest that Trump isn't your president. 'But he is pushing fascism and he is an illegitimate, racist, sexist Russian puppet,' you cry. To that, I say 'he is your president whether you believe that or not. Suggesting otherwise is wholly un-American.'

'But its okay,' you insist. 'Because it's all true! You'd have to be a FOOL not to see it!'

And that is what the tea party said, too. I pitied them then.