Post 11 - the new Sal Of The Earth

Post 11 - the new Sal Of The Earth

This page has been a place I have used to simply share my thoughts and go on record about matters that I find important. After all this time I have decided to invest a bit more time into this little slice of the internet while shifting the focus a bit. My joy stems from many places, but where I find the most reward is in my personal poetry. I have many inspirations and influences and I hope that, if you enjoy poetry, you can detect those influences when you read my work. I encourage all, dear readers, to engage with me. Tell your likes, dislikes, desires. This page is as much yours as it is mine.

This is the first time, in my career as a writer, that I am sharing my poetry to all as a focus of my time and work. While, I have always dreamed of making poetry my main source of income, we don't live in a society that values the contributions of the arts. So, while I do have a day job, it is my intention to pour as much of myself into this site as I would any other job. I write daily and will share new poems and thoughts often, I hope you visit regularly to read my work.

If you enjoy my politics or sports discussions, those will still happen here from time to time I am sure, but the focus for me is poetry. Politics is stressful and frustrating, sports is controversial and disappointing, but my art brings me peace. I prefer peace. The poems posted here are not necessarily final drafts, are subject to change and are all original works unless stated otherwise. Thank you for being a reader, I consider you among my closest friends. 

Lastly, if you are a poet, please reach out and share your work with me. I love reading the work of others. I value the craft that is creating good writing, I am sure others do as well. We should stick together. Poetry only survives if those that write it share it with the world at large.

In the mean time, you can follow me on twitter which will also be facing a rebrand in the coming days as well. All the best to you.


-Sal Biase 1/14/2017