Ryan Tannehill! Who is he?

Being a fan of the Miami Dolphins is challenging, if for no other reason than the fact that the quarterback position has been in flux since Marino was under center. In the first two games this year current Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill has looked average at best. Its early and he is learning a new offense for the first time in his career, but that hasn't stopped a lot of Dolphin fans from questioning if he can ever really be the guy in Miami.

I have always been very pro-Tannehill. I was in favor of reaching and selecting him as the eighth overall pick three years ago and I am not ready to give up on him now. This season is definitely a make or break year for the young QB, but lets wait for 16 games to pass before reaching our verdict. (No Matt Moore is not better!)

Part of the biggest problem with Tannehill is no one can agree on how good (or bad) he is. ProFootball Focus a website dedicated to giving players a grade based on their own unique scoring system has him ranked third of all quarterbacks that have seen the field this year. Meanwhile, Tannehill is an abysmal 34th out of 35 quarterbacks in terms of QBR an ESPN quarterback metric. But it is not just stats that disagree its fans too. Ask any Dolphin fan their thoughts on Tannehill and the responses will range from love him to hate him to everywhere in between.

So who is he? Right now, if you watch him play every Sunday or if you study his film, you will see a quarterback with a great set of skills who struggles with accuracy and consistency. If he plays the same way he has over the first two weeks for the rest of the year it will be time to move on for sure. But we have seen Tannehill be so much better. In his two years here he has had some great moments. I have to preach patience while we wait to see if he can put the team on his back in 2014. If he can't than you can adress the quarterback position, yet again, in the draft.

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