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My First Post/The Dolphins Lost/For the Record

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My First Post

If you are reading this I want to welcome you to my first post on the Saltalksfootball blog. While the title says I will be talking football my plan for this blog is a space where I can offer my opinions on all sorts of topics... with football being the focus. I am a huge fan of the Miami Dolphins, so you will often find me discussing the team in depth. 

I want to make it clear that I am not writing this blog to generate a following or a reader base, I am doing this to appease myself. I want to put my opinions on the record. After writing for other peoples blogs for a while I found it to be completely unrewarding. So, I created this space for me to quell the insatiable need to write without having to be on someone else's deadline and conforming to their ideals.

The Dolphins Lost

This Sunday I was particularly excited for kick-off, The Dolphins, coming off a huge win to start the season over the Patriots, were headed to Buffalo to get retribution for last years late season beat down (also after an emotional win over the Pats). I posted on facebook early Sunday that although this was a game the Dolphins typically lose I was choosing to be optimistic early in the season. Shame on me. The Dolphins got beat down again and boy was it ugly. The team was beat in all three phases of the game, there were injuries and worst of all Tannehill really struggled with his accuracy.

I am not going to over react like most of the Dolphins fan-base and use this as an indictment on what this team can do and who Ryan Tannehill is. Its week 3 and the Dolphins are 1-1 with two winnable games coming up. I can live with that. This season's story line is all about Ryan Tannehill and if he is the guy. Through two games he has struggled, but I believe he has the ability to turn it around.  If the O-line can hold of the pass rush of the fledgling Chiefs at home in week 3 then I think Tannehill will be able to pick apart that secondary. I will have a prediction of the game later in the week, but I am not worried about this team yet. Us Dolphins fans really need to cool it sometimes.

For the Record

I do think this team is a playoff team. I think 10-6 is entirely possible, but if for some reason they fail to make the playoffs and land 8-8 or worse again than I think Stephen Ross cans the coaching staff. He would be within his right. Three years under Coach Philbin and there would be no playoff appearances and one national scandal. Here are three names I want to put on the record as my favorite candidates. Just a warning... This is just for fun.

  1. Jim Harbaugh- Every Phin fan's pipe dream. He is reportedly on his way out in San Fran at the end of the year, but I'll believe it when I see it. Great coaches are hard to find and what Harbaugh has done in his time in the Bay Area has been nothing short of remarkable. It's no secret that owner Steve Ross loves Harbaugh and even tried to woo him while former coach Tony Sporano was till in charge of the team. It was embarrassing at the time, so Ross my want to land his white whale to make up for past mistakes.
  2. Rex Ryan- Let me be clear, I hate Rex Ryan. That is mainly because I hate the Jets and he is a damn good coach. I think it will be much more likely Rex will be looking for a job come February than Jim Harbaugh and if the Jets do let Rex go it will be fun to bring him down to Davie where he can get the most out of the players in South Florida. It would also add some spice to an already fiery Dolphins-Jets rivalry.
  3. Rob Ryan- Okay, so I know what you're thinking. "He isn't even a good defensive coordinator." "He is annoying."  "He needs a haircut." I agree with all of those sentiments, but hear me out. The Dolphins haven't had a fun head coach since I was in diapers. We haven't had a personality in decades. If Rob Ryan is half as good at getting the most out of his players as Rex is then he would be an improvement over the current staff. I only would want Rob Ryan on one condition. Rex is still with the Jets. If that's the case then give me Rob. How fun would it be to watch the twins go head to head coach in the same division as rivals.

Like I said those were just some things to think about for fun. Let me know what you think! I am Sal Biase. Keep your Phins Up!