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MLB Championship Series Predictions

Sal BiaseComment


Briefly, here are my thoughts on the championship round of the MLB playoffs!

Baseball fans have been gifted one awesome series in the ALCS when the Royals take on the Orioles. They have also be punished, having to watch the Giants once again face the Cardinals for National League supremacy. Here is how I think each series will go.

ALCS- Royals win in 6. I believe the Orioles are the better team in this series, but I want the Royals to win. These two teams play very different styles of baseball, it will be exciting to see who comes out on top. 

NLCS- Cardinals in 5. Cardinals are the Cardinals and as tired as I am of seeing them win year after year, it is impressive.

Lets see how right... or wrong I turn out to be! Mock me on twitter here!