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Looking Forward

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The next four games for the Dolphins are the Bears, Jaguars, Chargers, and Lions. If we want to consider the Dolphins "still in the hunt" (and as of now that's a big if) the Dolphins need to go AT LEAST 2-2 in those four games. If they lose to the Bears on Sunday than the pressure in the Jaguars game will be immense. If the week eight match up at Jacksonville becomes a must win, than this season is all but lost. Now, as uncomfortable as I am giving the Dolphins a win over any team at this stage I still have to believe that they are a better team than the Jags. But if they don't beat them? The Dolphins are in a very dangerous place at a very difficult part of their schedule. 2-3 can quickly turn into 3-6 or even 2-7 if the team doesn't preform and at that point who knows how bad the year can get. This Dolphin's team needs to get to 4-5 to stay relevant and be a contender, anything short of that and we will be doing a postmortem before you know it.

All this isn't to say that after this upcoming four game stretch the Dolphins will have it easy.  Come mid November they wil match up against the Bills, Broncos, and Jets. A lot can go wrong in any of those games as well. As you probably have heard, should the Dolphins miss the playoffs, Joe Philbin will almost certainly be gone, but if the wheels fall off and the Dolphins have, say, seven losses come week 11, mid-season changes become a distinct possibility.

I was really high on this team at the start of this year and I really think the talent is there for this team to reach 10 wins. It's just unfortunate how consistently they underachieve. The game on Sunday, in Chicago, will once again fall on Tannehill's shoulders. If he can out duel Cutler, you will have a much happier blogger to read on Monday! Here's to hoping!

That's all I have tonight. Join me tomorrow when I discuss the Ebola Virus and Premier League Soccer! (lol jk) Or get at me on Twitter.