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Notes from a Painful Loss

Sal BiaseComment

So, yesterday was hard. If you weren't aware, the Dolphins lost. I don't particularly mind losing to a good team like the Packers and a wonderful player like Aaron Rodgers, it''s just how they lost that was the proverbial punch in the  gut. here are three takeaways from yesterdays game.


I don't want to dwell on this aspect. Anyone who knows me knows where I stand on Joe Philbin and the job he has done as a head coach, but I need to vent. There are few things that were glaringly wrong in the way this team was coached on Sunday, and while I could talk about them all only two really boggle my mind still 36 hours after the fact.

One: Why are we always under prepared? This season's theme has seemed to be first half let downs. In four out of five contests the Dolphins fell to large deficits in the first half. In all four of those games the team played abysmally for the entirety of the first half. Why is this? To me I would have to point to the coaching staff for not prepping the team or having a game plan that prepares the team to match their opponent early. Not only that, Joe Philbin is 1-2 after a bye week and 1-1 after a Thursday night game. This Dolphins coaching staff had two weeks and the healthiest roster they will have all season to seal the deal against the team Philbin should know the best in the NFL. They failed.

Two: The time out that was called one Fourth and ten following the Rodgers sack and fumble. Why... Why... Why... That was the most confused and reeling you will ever see an Aaron Rodgers led offence. The clock was ticking. Play lock winding down. Players scrambling to the line... YOU STOP THE CLOCK FOR THEM!?! If Rodgers and the Pack had a time out in that spot, they would have used it. There is no reason to use it for them. I don't care if the defense was confused or the personnel was incorrect. Force them to beat you while they are unprepared. Prepared Aaron Rodgers is better than anything you could have thrown at him, anyway. He proved it by completing an 18 yard pass and then scoring a game winning tuchdown a few plays later. 

There are other head-scratchers the coaches made, but I have said all I need to say. I can't go on anymore, anyhow.


Yesterdays game was a microcosm of Ryan Tannehill's career. Flashes of brilliance after stagnant mediocrity. I want to be clear. I love Ryan Tannehill. I wanted him at pick 8 in the 2012 draft, I want him now to be the guy. In the second half of yesterday's game Tannehill looked as good as he has his whole career. He hit his receivers in stride and he lead a great comeback against a defense that had stifled him in the first half. We have seen moments like that since year one. Now were in year three and Tannehill's biggest question is still if he can be that good consistently. He has 11 more games to open eyes. If he doesn't show the ability to put together strong outings consistently a new staff will be evaluating draft eligible QBs.

Discount Double Trouble

Moral of the story from yesterday is if you ask Aaron Rodgers to beat you, he will beat you. Especially if you gift him the opportunities. He is arguably the best QB in the league and he showed it yesterday. He Dan Marino'd them in Dan Marino's house. He beat them with his legs, he beat them with his arm. It was all working for Rodgers, especially in the last 2 minutes. 

I am now ready to put this game behind me. On to Chicago.

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