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Poem 3

Sal BiaseComment

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Should your kin ever seek out refuge,
 please know that I'll cast none astray
I’m too familiar with such deluge, 
 I shall not look the other way
If in the silence of the garden, 
 you hear what serpents have to say
Be sure to beg of them your pard’n, 
 The devil does exist today
Just know that I won't ever blame you, 
When you go Hollywood someday
I too would kill just so I'd break through,
 There's nothing left for you to say

If when the mist covers the moonlight,
 And darkness overtakes the beam
All the most quiet parts of midnight,
 Surround the many men who dream
In far off corners of the blackness,
 Things aren't often what they seem
Danger lurks out in the vastness, 
 It's parts unknown that make you scream
I'd never let anyone hurt you,
 There's nowhere I won't hear you scream
I cannot promise this is all true,
 You're slowly splitting at the seams

It must be part of human nature,
 To be so terrified to fail
And with typical nomenclature,
 Be so unable to unveil
There's a cynic in every person,
  It's all to balance out the scale
So if the imperfections worsen,
 If the train careens off the rails
Then the world will keep unwinding, 
 Until God's mighty plans derail
We will lose everything worth finding,
 A serpent smiles through his scales

So, when the gods admit they’re mortals,
  When bedlam rips across the land
When banshees shriek and shout and chortle,
 Well, then the world may understand
That there are no such things as monsters,
 We craft all evil with our hands
Along the forlorn roads we saunter,
 Even the wicked take their stands
There are too few like you who wander,
 Who can both struggle and withstand
Who hold all evil in their hands