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Sal Biase3 Comments

The following is the second entry in my public journal. Journal entries are written as opinion/reflective pieces and only reflect my own views and not the views of anyone else. If you like my writings, please check out the other sections of this site where you will find more in-depth political analysis and my original poetry. Come back regularly for more new content.

I find it very interesting that at this moment everyone in America with any real interest in politics is waiting with baited breath for the indictment and arrest of prominent political figures to take place. I am unsure if we have seen a moment like this before in our nation's history, but I am pretty sure that even during Watergate there wasn’t this type of narrative/counter-narrative political battle taking place in the public domain.

Make no mistake about any of this, it is a war. A political war being waged both covertly deep behind the scenes and broadcast across the country on news channels 24 hours a day. The PR front is for control over the perception of the average American mind fought not with soldiers, but with pundits. It is vitally important to win this war as the saying 'perception is reality' is ultimately true and by dictating the anger and fears of the populace you can control where they look and what or who their enemy is. While winning the battle of media relations is critical, it is not the ultimate deciding factor in this struggle, that is a much more complex issue.

Right now, if you can quiet down the noise that is flooding your skull every time you tune into CNN, MSNBC, FOX news, every time you pick up a newspaper owned by a billion dollar enterprise or mogul; if you step back and really consider the big picture of all that has happened over the past two years in the American political landscape, you see a much different war being waged.

The silent war, the one being fought off camera, somewhere in the halls of the West Wing and in the corridors of Capitol Hill you see a tale of an insurgency. A true David and Goliath myth that is still being fought even after the elections and oaths have been put behind us. The Trump campaign had a lot to overcome and they were not just fighting against Hillary and her political machine, they fought the entirety of the United States political establishment, the Media Industry, and nation's spy apparatus. The victory President Trump secured over one year ago wasn’t the first battle won against a Frankenstein's monster of establishment machination, it also wasn’t the last, but it was the most decisive.

After securing the White House the Trump administration has had to navigate a minefield of political traps that were laid out by the Clinton arm of the government. The media musing about Russian interference, resignations from staffers, massive Intel leaks, betrayals from within his party, betrayals from within his cabinet all attempting to stifle and derail this administration. Now, the war is almost over. Both sides running out of ammunition to hurl publicly, players rapidly being removed from the board and all while the blinded and dumbed-down US population has their attention diverted by the deep-state media like a David Copperfield routine ready for the prestige.

Mueller’s investigation will be a reveal that will certainly upset at least one half of the country, but is his investigation the last of it? Will he be the one to finally put to rest the speculation and usher us forward together into the next chapter of US history? Or is there still more to come? Drama, lies, deception, and victory still remain ahead of us, but once the dust settles we will have a much better understanding of what just happened in our country. A frame of reference for us to view not just the past 2 years, but the past 40.

There are no good guys and bad guys when it comes to American politics. People who believe they hold some moral superiority because of their political ideologies are naive fools and useful idiots.  There are only winners and losers and the winners write the history books. When Donald Trump won the election in November of 2016 he cut the head of a beast only to discover it was a hydra of massive scale, but perhaps he was prepared. Perhaps we are about to learn just how corrupted, evil, and pervasive that hydra really was. Maybe David has had Goliath beat for a long, long time and we just have yet to truly take notice.

As Trump returns triumphantly from one of the most successful diplomatic trips a US president has taken in the last half-century, he will bring with him the real beginnings of his presidency. All we have to do now is watch what is next to unfold. It will tell us all we need to know about everything. It will be a time for the ages.

Sal Biase

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