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Sal Biase1 Comment

I hope there will be Democrats reading this, not just wishy-washy Twitter pundits who hardly know who their representatives are. Instead, I want the attention of strapped in, true blue Democrats who can remember further back than Obama and actually analyze this moment in time. That is because I'm writing this for them. I doubt many will. I guess, in actuality, I am writing this for me, but they should hear it.

George W. Bush made me a Democrat. I remember being a young teenager as the War on Terror spilled from Afghanistan to Iraq, and the narrative shifted in the media from a brief operation to an extended engagement. Then it was seldom mentioned unless there were significant US casualties. I hated Bush as a teenager. 

I remember watching the Daily Show and laughing at his buffoonery while being horrified at the atrocities. American soldiers were dying because of things I didn't understand or even care to understand. It never seemed worth it. I remember crying on election night when he beat John Kerry. 

Here is something that I don't think many Democrats today can cogently answer: What makes Donald Trump worse than Bush? Unlike Bush, Trump hasn't instigated one of the largest wars in history? He hasn’t killed millions out of a misplaced hunt for revenge or oil. How many Democrats calling for impeachment today were complicit in launching a war that turned into many wars we are still fighting today? 

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Ralph Nadler and Joe Biden were all in Congress at the time. They didn't once come after Bush in the way they have now for three years assaulted the office of the presidency since Trump’s election victory. To top it off they want impeachment. That's a tough sell for me. I think that's a big problem for Democrats politically.

I am not going to waste blog space arguing the political absurdity around this Ukraine nonsense. It is nonsense. I think even those pushing it the hardest understand that to some extent. The blatant cover these people have given to Joe Biden as this story has 'developed' outs their intentions. I will use it as a backdrop for this stark warning. It is a warning I am issuing as a friend, countryman and brother. 

Learn a little humility before you allow this charade to continue. I get it. Much like my hatred for Bush as a child, you dislike this president. You have since before he was elected. I understand. Perhaps you have loathed Trump’s very existence since the 80s, 90s or whatever. That's fine, too. Self-immolation, however, is never the answer. Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi have covered themselves and the party in gasoline, and now they are holding the match. If a floor vote comes and that match is dropped, I promise Democrats will never recover. 

Now, I'm a Trump supporter so I understand that some of you may think I am one of the most racist, vile pieces of shit in existence, but I'm sincere here. This is a trap. You're falling for it … again. Don't, please. 

Trump isn't afraid, his supporters aren't afraid, the GOP isn't afraid. We're laughing. At this point, it has gone beyond parody. You had your fun, you spied on Trump before he was elected, and you called him a traitor in a tantrum and refused to relinquish power as you investigated every aspect of the lives of anyone who had ever thought of working with the man. You don't now get to dictate his phone calls. Learn when to quit. 

If Schiff’s known connections to Ukraine don't make it obvious. If Pelosi’s son's connections to the Ukraine don't make it obvious. If Hunter and Joe Biden's actual Ukraine scandal don't make it obvious, I will spell it out for you. When both sides are presented to the General Electorate, they will side with Trump and his phone call over the people pocketing millions from Ukrainian oligarchs while serving in Congress, or even as vice president. You know, as the Democrats have been actually doing for the past decade.

Humility. Since I came out as a Trump supporter, I've had no shortage of Democrats assure me of the OBVIOUSNESS of his corruption, bigotry, hatred, racism and criminality. Try to hammer a Democrat down on specifics, and you get the same tired talking points, subjective opinions or flat out lies. You won't get many facts. They are certain that they are correct. The thought that they are wrong will not be entertained. To these people, Donald Trump and his supporters are inherently bad and must be removed from power. That’s cool.

This Ukraine 'scandal' is no different. There is an assertion of wrongdoing in spite of the facts. Read the innocuous transcript, realize there was no quid pro quo and laugh as headline after headline twists, omits and manipulates the actual documentary evidence to fit a biased preconceived worldview that Donald Trump is inherently bad. 

"You'd have to be blind not to see the criminality or the abuse of office or whatever," the partisan Democrat says. I'd argue you'd have to be a Democrat to see anything wrong at all, especially when you hold a mirror up to Biden, who ACTUALLY DID leverage his office and taxpayer dollars in the Ukraine. Please attempt to impeach my president, Democrats. 

No one will go into the ballot box in 2020 undecided. You are making up minds every day. You would think with the little power Democrats were handed back by the electorate in 2018, they would humbly get to work actually governing responsibly. Rather, They have spent the entire time they have held congressional majority on pointless investigations meant to derail the government. Now, while brandishing the constitution (which Democrats hate, i.e.; the first and second amendments), you claim this inquiry, while ignoring all norms and refusing a vote, is your responsibility? I doubt the independent voter will go for it. I was a Democrat just a few years ago. It makes me absolutely disgusted. 

I hope this perspective is carefully considered by those politically engaged. It’s intended to serve as a warning to the opposition in good faith. Democrats may be creating a groundswell they cannot hope to contain. I have been saying on this blog for years now 2020 will look like Reagan v. Mondale. Democrats seem to be working hard to prove me correct. 

Understand this, I told you here Hillary Clinton would lose to Trump, and I was assured that was impossible. I told you Mueller would find nothing, I was told Trump would hang. I am telling you that you are going to lose 2020, especially on an impeachment push like this. America is tired of people who are obviously corrupt and terrible pointing the finger at Trump, who just got to the D.C. swamp. 

Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Biden, Clinton all wrote the book on political corruption in America. Until Democrats have the humility to admit this before castigating Trump's private phone calls, they will continue to struggle to find the political pulse of the American electorate. 

I am not writing this all down for fun. Like I said, I'm trying to warn my friends and family on the left who I fear are not prepared for the truth. I'm worried that when these people MSNBC and CNN have elevated as heroes are exposed as crooks, there will be grinding and gnashing of teeth of biblical proportions. 

Don't let your distrust of Trump prevent you from seeing the corruption of those you have wrongly decided to place your trust in. Political pundits on news networks making tens of thousands of dollars per episode are in on the take. Journalists in D.C. are rewarded with better positions and access for favorable coverage. Lobbyists line the pockets of elected officials for laws corporations desire over the interests of constituents. THIS IS THE SYSTEM DONALD TRUMP INHERITED. THIS SYSTEM HIS ENEMIES CREATED. Those who have profited from the system are the ones who want Trump removed. At least have the HUMILITY to know whose side you are on.