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If We Are Being Honest

Sal BiaseComment
If We Are Being Honest

In Donald J. Trump’s brief time as president, he has won a war against ISIS, avoided war in North Korea and successfully taken China head-on in a trade war. Domestically, a vast majority of the country has seen the positive effects of lower taxes, increased job production and a stronger overall economy. President Trump has seen his poll numbers swell and steady as he wrestles control away from the powers of previous administrations.

Despite this unprecedented resume of accomplishments compiled so early in his tenure, the media covers Trump as if he is a hostile actor. Perhaps the most productive president ever this early in his term, Trump has not received one iota of positive coverage from a large portion of mainstream news media. That is a problem and one that is weighing heavily on the American people.

Perhaps the bigger problem though is the ‘Why’ of it: Investigations launched into Trump prior to the election and continue to this day probing for evidence of collusion with Russia. For a Trump supporter (or really any rational, free-thinking US citizen who places country over party) the frustration stems from the simple existence of the situation placed upon us by only the most vocal idiots of the establishment media echo chamber. The idea that such a partisan endeavor has taken place under such blatant dishonesty, without transparency and now threatens a president who has LOYAL support from many Americans, is as enraging as it is frightening.

The reality is there is no evidence Russia interfered in any meaningful way to impact our election. There has never been and most of us probably feel reasonably confident that there never will be. That's not to say Russia is a great friend to America, only that nothing extraordinary occurred in the lead up to the 2016 election. The Obama administration did nothing to stop Russia simply because there was nothing to stop.

Reasonable people understand Russia's role as a scapegoat for the Democratic Party’s inability to protect its own data and, similarly, as a distraction from the discussion of what was contained within that compromised data. Conveniently, there is no way to accurately attribute a hack of the nature that victimized the DNC and Podesta to any, one hostile actor. For the accusations against Trump and his team where evidence could possibly exist there is an impenetrable barrier of protected ‘sources and methods’ keeping the proof from public scrutiny. It is laughable to think that such serious accusations can be seriously entertained against a sitting president without any semblance of verifiable proof presented to the American people to deliberate and discuss.

The fact of the matter is, despite the nearly two-year-long investigation, Donald Trump has fulfilled promises to his voters, modestly strengthened America's economy, and is giving the American people their confidence and their voices back. Even the most fervent hater of Donald Trump must recognize that Trump has a decent case to make on the campaign trail in 2018 and most likely 2020 as well. How could that be if he i a Russian plant sent to bring about the end of America?

It should be obvious to all that the notion that Russia installed Donald Trump is lunacy. I suppose it could be POSSIBLE, but based on all public evidence and based on Trump's own actions as president it seems FAR MORE LIKELY to be a lie. The reality is the RussiaGate conspiracy theory traces its origins to Communist John Brennan’s wet dreams as an attempt to undo the results of the 2016 election. The media has lost itself in the lies of the political actors it relies on for access and anonymous sources. They have gaslighted themselves into believing their own frenzied hallucinations. Donald Trump represents a personal and political ideology so far removed from that of the D.C. administrations and elite circles before him that those who held power revolted at the notion of relinquishing power over to someone who would change or outright undo (what they saw as) their progress.

This is the most likely way to view the ongoing investigations: The Mueller investigation is desperate for any evidence to justify its commission. The petty charges of lying or unrelated counts of fraud are nice distractions, but in the end, too far removed and too mundane to inflict enough damage on the president to achieve the desired result of impeachment. In their desperation and true to the form of political theater, a grand raid is executed and paraded by the media within minutes of the occurrence. Spectacle. To a patriotic American hoping for continued American success all this raid on Trump attorney Mike Cohen accomplishes is galvanize support. It is proof of the desperation and subversiveness of their actions. Speaking from my own opinion, this is by design.

All this is, is a magician's trick. A wave of the hand meant to divert the eye. While the liberal, neo-con and establishment world watches the man they hope will perform a miracle, the minutiae and mechanics of a well-practiced master lay the groundwork for a finale none shall forget. The end of this long play we have been watching unfold in real time during our short moment in history is bound to shock the nation. Don't live in the illusionary world of Russian hackers and impeachment pleas, live in reality. Reality is where America is strong, Trump is president and Justice is coming for the wicked.

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