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Second Letter to 'the Left'

Sal Biase1 Comment
Second Letter to 'the Left'

Dear American Political Left,

I am disappointed to report that since the last time I addressed you in an open letter, your efforts to see President Donald Trump impeached and our Nation thrown into disarray have only increased in magnitude. I can’t say I am surprised. Democrats did not listen to the pleas from their progressive left flank during the primary race when voters like me were begging the party to support Bernie Sanders, who had the best chance of beating Trump. Why would anyone expect them to heed advice from the same voices after Clinton’s defeat?

Despite the fact that my last letter to Democrats and Progressives fell mainly on deaf ears, I refuse to let that prevent me from crafting this one, though my intentions are starkly different here. In my original letter to the left, I made an appeal to the sensible Democrat in an attempt to help illuminate the ways in which they lost the vote of many thousands of people whom in previous elections were proudly loyal Democrats (as I was until the 2016 Democratic National Convention). Now, I write only to issue a warning. I honestly and sincerely mean every word I am about to address to you, my brothers and sisters on the American Political Left.

The Nation, as I know you are aware, is teetering between two vastly different trajectories. In your world, Mueller is on the verge of bringing justice to a traitor to our country. I understand completely why you believe what you believe about Trump. I applaud your commitment to protecting our elections from the undue influences of foreign powers. It isn’t that I don’t hear your arguments or the many concerns you raise about the Trump team or its interactions with Russian nationals. I simply distrust the foundations upon which these concerns have been offered.

For clarity, in this letter, I am speaking only for myself. I don’t wish to represent my opinions (opinions I feel are well formed and completely reasonable) as anything other than my own; however, I would imagine there are many that will agree with my sentiments. In my opinion, the Russia investigation is an affront to American civil liberty, an insult to the intelligence of thinking American citizens, and an unfortunate blight on the long, storied history of our country. I agree with you that our democracy and our electoral processes have been undermined and in many ways completely upended. I simply disagree with who has perpetrated such a dastardly act of treason and subversion

The beginnings of the Mueller investigation have their roots firmly planted in the waning hours of the Clinton email cover-up. Dear friends, this is where I usually encounter the dismissal from many in your ranks. When we bring up the Clinton email investigation, names begin to be called, insults fly, and productive discussion halts. I implore you to continue reading and simply remain open-minded to this perspective. Hillary Clinton was allowed to run for the highest office in the land while anyone with common sense could see how obviously she broke the law. Debating this point for both sides of the argument gets tedious, but the debate is critical to understanding why our worldviews are so drastically opposed.

On Hillary Clinton’s private and unsecured server were SAPs (special access programs) that she was not ‘read into.’ This means that in order to have removed this information, classified at the very highest levels, a deliberate breach of the rules HAD to take place. We are not talking about an email forwarded to the wrong person or a simple over-classification issue. Information that doesn’t exist outside of a specific singular place protected by our most dedicated patriots was removed and then uploaded to a server that was NOT authorized by our government or protected in any manner anyone could consider adequate. This act required intent, and the notion that Clinton was unaware of such violations is comical, to say the least. I hate having this discussion, again. This is something so critical to our very recent history that has been deliberately buried by the press we rely on to get our information. We have to be able to agree on these facts. Comey had no choice but to publicly outline the ways she broke the law because we knew she did. The acquittal that followed his damning words was all that mattered to the Democrats and establishment that had placed so much hope in her INEVITABLE presidency. The rest of us were simply baffled.

We have learned in the time since that investigation so many things that raise legitimate questions, but I am aware I will not convince you that things you consider to be conspiracy theory are real concerns about the political nature of our DOJ and our FBI. What you can’t deny is that the same cast of characters that allowed Hillary Clinton to escape justice are the people hunting the Trump-collusion bigfoot that has so mysteriously avoided public disclosure. These individuals had known biases, apparent conflicts, and questionable motives.

To this point, my Democratic friends, you may be weary from hearing these ‘right-wing talking points,’ but it isn’t a talking point to highlight the ways in which the Russia investigation has been fraudulent. The team, comprised of partisans who offered immunity to half a dozen Clinton allies, admittedly violated protocols, destroyed evidence and more while investigating Clinton is currently indicting American citizens as it tries to find a crime that could lead to the impeachment of the President. So, here is where I offer my warning to you.

Be careful here. Even you, Democrats, who have spent two years now dragging our foreign policy back to the 1950s have to realize how hysterical the media coverage about Trump and his presidency has been. Dating back to before the election was held, Trump and his supporters have been branded fascists, Nazis, Klansmen, and worse. Anyone with eyes could see how untrue those statements were. Trump has the economy growing, ISIS on the run, and the day-to-day life of those all across the country remains more or less unchanged if not slightly improved. Are you sure you understand the battles you are preparing to fight?

As I tried to lay out very briefly above, MANY of us do not believe the Mueller investigation to be credible. Forget that the Steele dossier (which is foreign interference in our election as paid for by a U.S. political campaign) was the initial launch pad for the use of SPYING on a candidate for president and simply recognize that the very notion that Trump was spied on by the Obama administration is an outrage in and of itself. The standard to which a sitting president should be authorizing SPYING on an opposition party candidate should be a near impossible bar to set, yet there is little evidence the spying was merited. In fact, the dossier that was used to obtain the FISA (to authorize the spying) was referred to as salacious and unverified UNDER OATH by the man who was in charge of the investigation.

My point is simply this: I don’t take Mueller or his findings with a grain of salt; I distrust the whole charade full stop. I am not alone and as such, any move to impeach the president based on Mueller's cockamamie referrals will be met with patriots dead set on defending the office. Is this what you want? Democrats are so eager to install President Pence (a man far more conservative than Trump) that they would risk tearing the country in two?

Furthermore, the Left is compounding its plight with a newfound push to further disarm the American people. The constitution is not yours to shred at will. Your side has been urging for the erosion of free speech under the guise of hate speech protection, your side destroyed the Fourth Amendment by using the FISA process as a political campaign weapon, and now you have the gall to come after the Second Amendment as well? Untenable. If the assault by the left on all things conservative continues as it has since election day, I have no doubt that our divisions will only worsen. I am sure many of you agree. Here is my suggestion: Mueller’s investigation must end. A summary of all discovery made up until this point should be publicly released without redaction. A new special prosecutor should be appointed to investigate not just Russian collusion, but the handling of that investigation as well. This special prosecutor should be someone none of us have ever heard of with a long career of investigation or prosecution in a state far from the swamps of D.C..

There is a dire need for transparency, for bipartisan outrage over the way in which our DOJ has conducted itself over the last few years and an audit of the FBI’s ability to protect the American people. If the desire is simply to continue down this road of meaningless and unrelated indictments for eternity until Trump is charged with a tedious process crime, this is war. It already is. The last year the Media, Democrats and the entirety of the unelected D.C. establishment has been dug in a war against Trump, his supporters and all things conservative, but while you pray for Mueller, we are drawing battle lines. Be prepared for our resistance, it will be much less dramatic and much more substantial. We have the best resistance. Believe me.

I only say these things because I want us to find a common ground again. My views broadly align more with the left than right, but Trump has earned my vote to this point. I will defend this nation and this president, especially from criminals of past administrations who are trying to protect themselves through media propaganda campaigns designed to gaslight and mislead. Americans are not sheep, we are proud patriots who will die for self-determination. The news is your enemy, the deep state is your enemy, elites with no loyalty to country, but rather to self, are your enemies. Trump, conservatives and people like me who used to have a D next to our names are not. We simply have seen through this noise for too long. We were woken up by the coverage Bernie received while the DNC cheated him out of a nomination, we were awakened by the glossing over of Clinton crimes, we were awakened by the outrage we feel toward how we are represented by ’journalists’ to hardline partisans nationwide. We are all Americans, Trump is our president. Help us ensure this coup against him remains unsuccessful or be prepared to fight to remove him. At this point, I guess it’s just that simple.

I wish you all the best, Dear Reader, and I hold no ill will toward you. God bless you and our country,

Sal Biase