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Sal BiaseComment

You may have noticed I have been very quiet in the wake of the 41-14 Miami loss to the Bills. I try not to write anything here out of anger, nothing good can come from that. So here it is, Thursday morning and I can finally think clearly and share some thoughts from Sundays loss and what happens next for Miami.

The Heat of the Seat

I told you here, after the Jaguar loss, that a loss to the Bills would start the fire Joe Philbin discussion. Little did I know just how bad that loss to the Bills could be. By being absolutely dismantled by the Bills, by looking so utterly unprepared and lethargic Joe Philbin has become the coach in the league with the hottest hot seat.

Some of my friends who are not Dolphins fans have asked how much of this is really on the coaching staff... The honest answer to that is I am not sure. It really is difficult to tell. I will say thins though: Every unit has regressed. The Offense, with all the new and improved weapons, has, to this point, taken a huge step back. The offensive line is firmly at the bottom of the league with both right and left guards ranked in the bottom 10 in the league at the guard position. The Defense, which was the heart and soul of the team through 12 weeks last season, has regressed to an unrecognizable husk of its former self even with the addition of one of the best defensive free agents of all time. So, if it is the players and that is the source of Miami's regression then that is really too bad because these are the teams only options for the next few years. You can't scrap half the team. 

It has been widely stated from fans all the way to Stephen Ross himself that this year is playoffs or bust for the coaching staff, but if come Sunday at noon if the Dolphins are getting ready to return stateside at 1-3 after another devastating division loss, or worse, blowout than the coaching staff my be fully replaced THIS early in the year. Remember this upcoming week is the bye.

The Upcoming Games

Despite all the underachieving of the roster and the subsequent drama that has taken over Dolphinland, if the Dolphins can play to their potential and escape London with a win and head into the bye week 2-2 then all is not lost. With the bye week and weak opponents coming up the Dolphins can right the ship very quickly, but the line this coach staff is walking is very fine. This upcoming week could be a pivotal point in the Dolphins season and only a win will save a coaching staff from drastic changes. 


I can't write any more. Its breaking my heart. Phins Up fam and Fuck the Jets.