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Three Things

Sal BiaseComment

The Talented Mister Tannehill

Yesterday's win was therapeutic for a Dolphins team that had a week of self-inflicted turmoil. The man who exorcised the most demons was probably quarterback Ryan Tannehill. When he plays the way he played yesterday it is easy to see the potential in Tannehill. He made all the throws, he was accurate throughout the game and he made smart decisions. It is hard to ask from much more. Oakland's defense put up resistance as Tannehill tore it up. Lets hope the bye week keeps Tannehill's confidence up and he can continue his strong play against Green Bay.

A Win Is A Win

I know Oakland is easy to pick on but, I can't tell you how many times I have seen the phrase "It was only the Raiders," today. Tannehill didn't make the schedule, he went out and won a game he needed to win and looked good doing it. The Dolphins put up 38 points on a team that held the Patriots to 16 points the week before. It was a good win. Next week, when the Packers show up in Davie, Tannehill will be facing another below average defensive team. if he can have another positive performance, all of the woes that plagued the team earlier in the year will be a bit more of a memory.

The State Of The East

I am currently writing this as the Patriots take a licking from the Chiefs; they are down 17-0 at the start of the third quarter. The Patriots have looked almost as pedestrian as the Dolphins four weeks into the season. If the score holds there will be a three way tie at 2-2 for the AFC East lead. With the teams all looking so poor in the division this year, it might be the time for the Dolphins to strike. The Bills have looked good at times, but are in the midst of a QB controversy themselves as Kyle Orton will be the starter in week 5. Geno and the Jets look inept more times then not. The Dolphins need to power through the hard part of their schedule and get to 9 wins. That might be all it takes for the division this year.