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Dolphins at Lions Preview

Sal BiaseComment

Here we are again. On the eve of another big Dolphins game. Come this time tomorrow, we will have a final in the Dolphins v. Lions match up that has been on our minds all week. With out a doubt Ryan Tannehill will be leading his offense against the best defense he has seen to date. If he can continue his upward trajectory against a team as stout as the Lions, then Dolphins fans will have a lot to look forward too over the last seven games of the season. 

The Dolphins thrashing of the Chargers has cause the media to shift its focus on Miami, it has made them a hot topic of discussion. How good are they really? Well, if you have been watching, a few things should be really clear. This defense is no joke. This week a radio host, here in the New York area, picked the Lions to beat the Dolphins and cited the Dolphins weakness in the secondary as a reason. HAH! The Dolphins secondary has been playing fantastic! Since Reshad Jones has come back from suspension the unit has prevented big plays and has been forcing interceptions like crazy. In fact over the stretch of the last five games the defense has been beyond terrific. If the pass rush can get to Matt Stafford he will make mistakes. It is important to remember that the Lions offense is going to be aided by the return of Calvin Johnson, who says he is at full strength. Megatrons size and talent are going to prove to be a daunting challenge for the Dolphins smaller finesse corner backs. 

Verdict: At the start of the week, I was very worried about this game. Statistics and record would indicate this will be a tough game for the Dolphins to win, but as I type this I feel more confident of a Dolphins victory than I have in weeks. The Lions offense, even with Megatron, will not put up points against the Dolphins defense tomorrow. Even if Tannehill and the offense struggles against the Lions first ranked defense, as long as they limit turn overs and prevent the Lions from getting the ball in great field position, they should be able to do enough to win. Since week 1 the Lions have failed to put up 25 points in a game. Miami is averaging more than 26 points a game. I think that is what clinches it for the Phins; I think the Dolphins win this game 26-17.

If I'm wrong and you're a Lions fan.... harass me here on Twitter!

Side note: I am anticipating a touchdown on Special teams or Defense to be the difference for the fish. Maybe Olivier Vernon gets a field goal block that's returned for a TD or something.