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Finally a post about football!

Sal BiaseComment

At this point, most people who cover the Dolphins have already said what needed to be said about Sunday's game against the Broncos. I just want to add a few thoughts to the pile of opinions here is my take from the Dolphins 39-36 loss in Denver.

In The Trenches

It is said ad nauseam, but games are won and lost in the trenches. That is where this game was lost Sunday. The offensive line was injured, beaten up and bullied by the Denver defense. This shouldn't have come as a surprise. With Branden Albert on the IR Dolphins OL was a weak unit playing with out its best piece from the start.

The more shocking development was the disappearance of the Dolphins usually dominant defensive line. Not one member of that unit showed up to play. In the critical fourth quarter, a pass rush on Peyton Manning was nonexistent. It was strange and embarrassing. I am sure the unit, led by Cam Wake, is not happy with the way it played and will be looking to turn it around on Monday night against the Jets.

All in all, this loss can be pinned on the Dolphins defense, but its hard to get mad at a unit that has been so good in recent seasons. At the same time, Miami's vaunted D has had 3 opportunities to close out close games this year, they have failed to come up with one crucial stop in all three games. One stop in three chances would have drastically improved Miami's playoff outlook.

Speaking Of Playoffs

The Dolphins need to win 4 of their last 5 games to have any real shot. That may not be as difficult as it sounds as 3 of the last 5 games should be easy wins for a team that hopes to be playoff bound. It all starts Monday night against the Jets. I will be in Metlife stadium in my full Dolphins regalia. At the end of the night I will be leaving either elated or with the knowledge our season is over.


That is the number of the future of the Miami Dolphins. At this point in the season Ryan Tannehill the 11th best QB in the league in terms of passer rating. That puts him in front of former Superbowl MVP's Eli Manning, Russel Wilson and Joe Flacco. He also ranks ahead of Matt Ryan and Colin Kaepernick. Tannehill is 8th best on completion percentage, completing 70% of his passes in each of his last 4 games, a franchise record. That's all really good, especially when you consider the conversation about benching Tannehill that took place after week 3. He is really starting to look like the guy we all prayed he could be when he was drafted. The most exciting part of it all is he is improving every week, I pray that keeps up.

I am so glad I finally got to write about football. Talk to me about it on Twitter!