Poetry & Politics by Sal Biase


Hello and welcome to SalOfTheEarth.com. This is a space that I utilize as sort of an online journal where I can keep track of my thoughts. To be honest, this is a completely selfish venture. The content is going to range from unrefined and poorly researched philosophical ramblings to reviews on media content (books, movies, T.V.) and my thoughts on sports teams. 

If you have found yourself here I am going to assume you know me and that you know I am not actually a raving lunatic, as the posts on this site may lead you to believe, but, if you don't know me, please view this site as a form of entertainment.  

Just to add emphasis, the things I am writing down here are often just ideas that I used to let die in the privacy of my own mind. I offer them to the internet for two reasons. Reason one: I am confident no one will be very interested in them and I feel this is a cool way to kind of keep a journal of sorts. Secondly, I love to talk about these things and if by some chance someone else out there wants to offer their opinion on my opinion at least this site allows that to become a possibility. 

If you wish to talk with me directly you can find me here: https://twitter.com/11SBiase

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