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You have a shadow (in your heart)

Sal BiaseComment
You have a shadow    (in your heart)

You Have A Shadow (In Your Heart)

There is a sweet shadow that lurks behind you
One that you can almost never see
But you’re almost certain that you’re certain 
That what is lurking there is me

Ever-present over your shoulder
I whisper nothings into your ear
Hopeful my breath serves to remind you
Of all the words you wished to hear

Where you go I’ll always follow
You know I love how you lead the way
I feel connected at the heartstrings 
You’re a harpist who loves to play

I have some letters to you I’ve written
So many words that will go unread
There are monologues on monologues 
That prattle on inside my head

Yet, all I can say is that I love you
I always have, I always will
You can tell it’s true by how I look at you
Don’t you know your looks can kill?

When I finally died, it was in your eyes
While you were in my arms
I call it suicide though, Honey
Because you never caused me harm

Now I reside right by your side
In your heart
In the corner 
In the dark
You’re angry 
I’m your shadow 
When I used to be 
Your spark