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The Enemy

Sal BiaseComment
The Enemy

The Enemy

Every lost soul is a vagrant
A variant that is crashing through
Make this ring true to you

Sweet, beautiful peasant child
The homes you have broken with a simple smile
Are all flagrantly towering tragedies

Forward our hopes to kinder things
Rewind the thoughts that evil brings
Make me a memory
But nothing more

Hark all ye bewildered beasts
The serpent speaks with his tongue in his cheek
With the creak of the door opening up into your heart

Anchors constructed of hate and pain
Champagne pouring out from their eyes
Like rain, let it wash away their disguise

Forward all our dreamings of gentler days
Rewind the nightmare until it no longer plays
Make me a symphony
Of what you abhor

Dear God, how you have abandoned we
Children of the sun and springs
Or is this just our arrogance
To seek this kind of recompense
As if self-anointed kings
Could hold court with such a deity

Forward all this worship of gold plated things
Rewind past the silver feathers of angel wings
Make me the enemy
Of all you love and adore