Sal BiaseComment

It's all about to break

Sal BiaseComment
It's all about to break

It’s All About To Break

I want to move out from this city

Move out to someplace far away

We’ll just leave all this behind us

I’m certain we will find a way

I want to hide out for forever

We’ll simply live off the land

We won’t stay in one place for too long

Like some van-traveling, indie-folk band

There’s a home for us beyond the mountains

A sleepy, safe spot I know

With rolling hills and blooming flowers

Where we can watch our children grow

I want to cross the raging oceans

To discover untouched new worlds

Let’s escape the constant terror

As society is unfurled

I do believe there is something special

Starting to spark in the hearts of man

It’s burning brighter by the minute

As part of a grand master plan

Can you sense the growing divide here?

It festers just beneath the skin

Falsely implanted by a great evil power

A power that will never win

I want to be watching from the hillsides

As humanity stirs awake

We will be laughing as they come to join us

I’m telling you…

                                                        it’s all about to break