Sal BiaseComment

How Life Goes

Sal BiaseComment
How Life Goes


Stung by the serpent as I was crawling on my belly

I was too afraid to stand so I wobbled like jelly

Once I fell in love with a girl named Kelly

We don’t believe in Heaven, but I do believe in Hell see

This is just how life goes.


Robbed from the cradle I was stolen as a young boy

Scooped me like a ladle when she knew that I was her toy

Tried to keep her guessing, but I was never one to play coy

Let this be a lesson in the fleeting nature of joy

So, this is just how life goes


Broke the bourbon bottle when I found that it was all gone

Used it as a weapon till I fell down on the front lawn

A rare bird in these lands; my baby is a black swan

If you need a hand I got a shoulder you can lean on

Well, this is just how life goes


When you want to quit but find the will to continue

You’ll invigorate the spirit creating light you can imbue

Casting out shadows, I’ll be here for when you break through

Love is what we have, it can get us through the fescue

And this is just how life goes