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The Day That I Was Born

Sal BiaseComment
The Day That I Was Born

The Day That I was Born

Something rather special happened once,

early in the morn;

on a sleepy summer's Sunday,

the day that I was born.


Though I was born late afternoon,

least that's what mother’d sworn,

I've always felt that I arrived

before the day had worn.


But I reckon she should know,

on account of she was there

and I was just a little thing

with hardly any hair.


On those first days, I did provide

mom with quite a scare.

The doctors said I nearly died

before I breathed the air


On the morning of my birth

the moon overtook the sun

and many saw this as a sign

that love and life had won.


I don't know much about all that.

It does sound kind of fun.

Perhaps we did receive a sign

before my life begun.


How we've changed through all this time,

it's quite a thing to see.

The world can be a nasty place,

at least it's been to me.


I try not to worry about that now,

I leave what will be to be.

I remind myself that I’m a man

and, as such, I am free.


Living with the constant angst

so often brought by war

has made so many men like me

leave in search of something more.


I often think of what mother said

so many times before,

‘They can never trick you, son,

not while you're keeping score.’


I never realized what she meant,

but now I think it clear,

I do not let life scare me now,

I refuse to live in fear.


The moon has not passed by the sun,

at least not in all my years,

save for the day that I arrived

to make my changes here.


Something rather special happened once, 

on the day that I was born.

The moon overtook the sun

early in the morn.