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Mighty River Flows

Sal BiaseComment
Mighty River Flows

Mighty River Flows

There are monsters in the darkness

There are demons in our hearts

There are reasons for most everything because life’s a form of art


There are notches on your bedpost

There are voices in my head

There are words that I will write down I will wish that I had said


There are police in the rear view

There are bodies in the back

There are ghosts along the railways, honey, but men upon the track


There are times you feel like crying

There are seconds to decide

There are only so few moments when it's truly live or die


So, I suggest you get your rest

Make this choice your very best

Just be prepared for everything, keep your cards close to your vest


There are things that no one knows

There are places no one goes

There’s a home out there for the two of us

Where the mighty river flows


There are stars that always glow

There are winds that always blow

There’s a bright future for the two of us

Sure as this mighty river flows