War Comes Home

War Comes Home

War Comes Home

You’ve forced my hand, I’ve armed myself

I’m ready to fight in the war

Placing my values upon the shelf

To become what I once did abhor


No time for mourning to consider regret

This is just where we find ourselves now

The man that I was I won’t soon forget

But his creeds I do disavow


Marching in step. One-Two One-Two

Hear soldiers approaching the field

Willing and able they know what to do

Their numbers a weapon they wield


There I stand, among them in rank

Prepared to lay down my life

Praying quietly, I give the Lord thanks

I ask Him to protect me in strife


Out of our mouths come misty white puffs

As snow falls and melts in our hair

Some men seem grizzled others look gruff

All are consumed by despair


Out in the distance a lone trumpet sounds

Joined in turn by the drum

Fingers are ready to trigger the rounds

As our march hastens into a run


Not before long, I’m well out of breath

There is blood on my boots and my face

The red snowy field is littered with death

New souls ushered into God’s grace


At long last enemy, we finally meet

You too have soldiers that fight on your side

With a proud rebel yell, I am prepared for defeat

I’ve told you, I’m ready to die


As soon as the lead enters into my chest

I will wonder what all this is for

It’s always tragic to lay so many to rest

When good men are forced into war