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This Love

Sal BiaseComment
This Love

This Love

When it was not lost in the warmth of spring,

we presumed that it simply would remain.

How recklessly foolish? We, young at heart,

believed without first experiencing.

Yet, in winter time, as it still remained...

Oh! How joyful were we to be surprised?

Though, no exception, we suffered losses.

We clung to hopes, prayed for salvation.  

Slowly passing days were suddenly years.

We kept life in our precious creation.

At some point, it had become so clear to us,

not only did we survive, we had thrived.

And as we grew, it grew alongside us.

As we lived, it lived in the same manner.

Birthing children, just as we bore children.

Grieving in times that, together, we grieved.

It had been that way since the beginning.

And so, in the end, we were completely

content with this love. In love with this love