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Who We Are

Sal BiaseComment
Who We Are

Who We Are

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we diverted our eyes

Away from the train wreck and up into the skies?

Or at least inside, deep down to find the light

That burns bright with a fire of answers and insight

To explain and outline who it is we really are

Creations of a master craftsman who traveled from afar

Out beyond the stars some uniting, guiding principle

Certainly exists which serves to make us invincible

God some may call it, Karma others say

Names are only words and there are bigger things at play

We are talking about the universe; elegantly infinite

We exist in this reality, convinced that death imminent

To that I am ambivalent or maybe I’m just hopeful

I'm at least pretty certain that the human spirit is noble

Made for something more; a crucial cog in the plan

An importance that touches every child, woman, and man

Understand this is something we have yet to discover

Something within our power to unlock and uncover

It only takes a shift in what we choose to focus on

Life isn’t just a gift, it’s a widespread phenomenon

We’re no wiser than those chained in the cave

Certain reality is anything but a grave

But what if we’re all slaves born just to serve the man?

Would that be something we could ever understand?

Here’s the plan, it’s time for us to rely on our love

No longer shall we fear the unknowns of what’s above

Government is a construct, nations are, too

The only thing real is the bond between me and you

We are one in the same floating out in the ether

Unknowingly warring with the shadowy deceivers

Whose only great trick was so twisted and sick

Manipulating a world convinced they don’t exist

Yeah, that’s slick, but we have something far greater

A wellspring of human love granted by our creator

Never forget who it is you really are

We are born from the light and live among the stars