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All of Us

Sal BiaseComment
All of Us

All of Us

Deep within the hearts of man

Held together with rubber bands

Broken yet able to stand

On their own, like nothing can

Are the ghosts of what was planned before

What was held in store for all of us


Off beyond the Ferris wheels

Ocean waves and grassy fields

What was lost shall be revealed

In endless old-time movie reels

With the hopes of stealing what we know

We’re the stars of this show, all of us


The very fabric of your mind

Folded and dipped in turpentine

Lit to illuminate the sign

That I doubt we’ll ever find

Written in the binding of the book

Read it as you look for all of us


This is just an average tale

Told to warn of what prevails

When the thumb that tips the scales

Ignores the anguish of the wail

Coming from the veil or just beyond

We’re reflections in a pond, all of us


I believe in dangerous things

You seek the wisdom of long-dead kings

Embrace the curse my darkness brings

Inspired by the bird who sings

I returned here bringing back a cure

But we are still impure, all of us


While pointing at someone to blame

Through the fog of lidocaine

You’re the virus; I’m the strain

But no match for the god who finally came

To free us from the pain of everyday

I guess it'll be okay for all of us