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All the Pretty Things

Sal BiaseComment
All the Pretty Things

All the Pretty Things

I used to trust in all the pretty things

I would place my untested faith in kings

Wait for karma - I thought kindness would bring

But, really, did not much of anything

When I believed in all the pretty things


So, when I finally pulled the curtain back

I was afraid to peer into the crack

I found all minds under constant attack

From all the pretty things with souls of black

So, I am glad to have pulled the curtain back


Unfortunately, I no longer dream

I have gruesome nightmares of bloody streams

Where all hope is drowned while they stifle screams

From the many who wish to be redeemed

Have mercy on us, who no longer dream


This war has been waged since the dawn of time

It’s older than word and reason and rhyme

Behind pretty things lay hidden the crime

Of tormented beasts who revel in grime

And continue this war throughout all time


It’s time to unmask all the pretty things

So some may see what true ugliness brings

Awaken now, combat corruption’s sting

Know that your worth is equal to the king’s

As one we’ll expose all the ugly things