Sal BiaseRap, PoemComment

I Have A(n)…

Sal BiaseRap, PoemComment
I Have A(n)…

I Have A(n)

Flair for the dramatic

Need for full disclosure

Knack for acrobatics

Artisan composure

New book of old complaints

Complete lack of all restraint

Freedom from my constraints

and maximum exposure

Fear of the unknown

Belief in the resurrection

Father, Son, Holy Ghost

Immaculate conception

Sense of understanding of the human consciousness

and no firm grasp on my very own pompousness

Broken heart that has been mended over time

Burning desire to achieve the sublime

Yearning to find all the causes that seem lost

Duty to protect those I love at all costs

Profound and ever-growing wellspring of regret

coupled with the need to learn how to forget

Sincere hope for the future of mankind

Tightrope upon which I grapple with my mind

Depression that seeps deep down within my brain

Will to combat and overcome the inane

Woman who gives me the strength to overcome

Solemn preparedness for the wars that are to come