Sal BiaseComment


Sal BiaseComment


I’ve prayed for the paradise you people have always promised

I’ve acted as instructed while being brutally honest

It seems so ironic, to exist in such a nightmare

Deprived of opportunity while all the answers lie right there

I suppose you don’t quite care, maybe that’s just your way to cope

Since, you have the world fooled by labyrinth mirrors and pistol smoke

It’s hard for us not to choke while swinging from the rope's end

Working night and day, dreaming about the weekends


Drones! It’s foolish to pretend we’re anything else

Tools! Used for the consolidation of wealth

Health! Has become a privilege of the very rich

What’s the cure for disease when society makes you sick?

Resist! That’s the duty of every free woman and man

Fight! Like hell, with fury and withstand

Band together brothers and sisters of the earth

Never forget we all intrinsically have worth